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A Letter to Human Race

Letter To Human Race

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Dear mankind,

This is my first letter and might as well be my last letter you.

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In previous years you had paid less attention to things around you. I choose to write to you at a time like this so you can have a better understanding and importance of the message I am sending to you.

Ever since the break out of the covid 19 pandemic, I believe that you have come to realize that nothing is more important than the life we breathe in.

A Letter To Human Race
A Letter To Human Race by Ayobami Samuel Ogunola

Nothing is more important than our lives. Even though ;

   Whether white or black, rich or poor, literate or illiterate, good looking or ugly, famous or anonymous; none of this matters to us at a time like this. Because our thinking have become uniform. 
We all think of how to put an end to this pandemic, we all care about how to survive the night to live to see the next day.

   Once upon a time, I was a slave master enslaving many races around the globe. 

I forgot we all belong to the same human race. All I care about is to be a notable slave merchant. 
If I had known a time like this would come when the earth will seize to move, I would have been kinder to other human race.
I would have shown more respect to other races and clans around me. I wouldn't have lived as a racist because now I have to take the same vaccine with those I had looked down on. 
What if they have the cure, will I survive this if they decide to pay me back for my deeds? 

   I remember when I was rich, I never paid attention to the poor whenever they approached me to beg for alms. 
I believe the world I live in is different from theirs and nothing would bring us together. 
I travelled to get treatment abroad anytime I have a slight fever but now I have to share the same hospital beds with the poor people I never paid attention to. 
Lying down with them on same sick beds sharing the same thoughts on how to over come this. I never knew a day like this would come. 

   I remember the days I became a public figure because I was adorned with this heavenly beauty. I became center of attraction to people, my cosmetics are different and specially made. 
I never imagined a time like this would come when I would have to use the common nose masks those who are not as pretty as I am are making use of. 

  When it comes to the question of our life none of this matters to us, we only think about living the next day. 

We are are suffering
We can’t get our three square meals
We can’t chase our dreams
We can’t ride exotic cars
We can’t buy our dream mansion
We can’t fly in planes
We can’t go for beauty contest
We can’t take part in talent show.

But none of this is important to us at a time like this. They mattered more yesterday.

All that matters now is how we overcome this deadly virus. So we can reunite with our loved ones.

No one can tell when life would switch sides, let’s be nice to those around, let’s live our lives for other people.
We shouldn’t care about ourselves alone, let’s be our brothers keeper. Let’s embrace ourselves for we are the HUMAN RACE.

Written by Ayobami Samuel Ogunsola

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