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10 TV Series You Can Watch During This Quarantine

TV series or shows is one of the biggest ways you can entertain yourself or others. Or even spend some alone time without being alone.

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I know you are itching to get out there go back to work, finish your projects and even reunite with all the people you are missing.

I am too.

But we cant do that yet. we need to stay home to stay healthy and remain alive.

Therefore, I have made a list of 10 TV series you can watch or watch all over again. This is for you if you are ready to escape for a while from this present uncanny reality.

The Last Air Bender

I know you might think this for kids. Yes, it seems so. But what better way to get through this period that would make you feel young again.

This is a show that can transport you from this dreadful time to another place even for a while. And the best part, you can watch with your kids. In here, the world is divided into four elements, there are those who can bend each of the four elements and one person who must learn to bend them all. The safety of everyone depends on it.

You can watch on Amazon Prime Video or get here

The Vampire Diaries:

TV Series To Watch

Although I watched this TV Series a while ago. I have started watching it again to fill up all the extra time and I-want-to-scream time at home.

There are eight seasons and 22 episodes in each season. Did I hear a Wow?

Well, you can’t run out of something to watch with this.

Watch here. This is where it all began.

The Originals:

10 TV Series To Watch During This Quarantine

This is one of my favourite show ever. And it is also a spin-off of the Vampire Diaries. If you enjoyed TVD, I am sure you would love the Originals. You must have fallen in love or curious about them enough to wonder how they came to be.

I watched The Originals for the second time last year. I think it would be perfect for this period because it promises to take you far away from here to a world where Vampires, Werewolf and eery other things you only hear about in folktales are real.

More so, it is all about family, which is why I love it. Family is forever, this is one thing we all must have come to realise by now that we have plenty of time to spend around one another or away from one another.

Klaus is my favorite and then Elijah. Yes I know Klaus is the devil but still always there when his family needs him. Even sacrificed himself for them for years.

I’ll wait for your comment here and your favorite Michaelson.

Stranger Things

You are going to love Stranger Things. It is a great TV series. The storyline and characters you will fall in love with.

It is intense, suspense filled, can be creepy which might make it not suitable for kids.

Although it features kids mostly, it is targeted at the adult audience. I love the courage and friendship the theme is built around.


It is the latest of The Vampire Diaries Spin-off. I’m adding it here in case you love the first two series like me.

Legacies follow Hope Michaelson, Klaus’ daughter who gave his life and everything for. Although Legacies promises nothing of the continuation from The Originals, there are still references to characters from TVD and The Originals. And some have appeared already

But fear not, Legacies is not a continuation of either of the first two. So you don’t miss anything if you decide to watch it first.

Jane The Virgin:

This is one great TV series of desire a jolly and hilarious yet educating escape during this quarantine.

The show starts with an accidental pregnancy of the lead actress. It later moves towards family, bonds, loyalty, betrayal, love, and lots more. It is a great one for lovers of shows that have concluded like me.

I don’t really like waiting…

Greys Anatomy:

This is one show that can keep you busy for a very long time. It is for lovers of medicals and its personnel’s.

You will surely fall in love with the doctors, bond with them, and even cry with them as they struggle to unite or separate their personal life from their jobs and their patients.

I have included it here because it might help us appreciate our care givers more.

The Good Place:

I have this here for lovers of comedies. It is the best one in a while. You find yourself navigating afterlife with Kristen Bell. And I can assure you, you might end up wondering how it is going to be for you or if you will actually get one.

One Tree Hill:

I fell in love with this show and I have watched it thrice. It is about the lives of some teens in the fictional town of Tree Hill. It is packed with teen drama, love, life, ambition, betrayal, family bonds.

It has them all and will keep you busy for a while.

10 TV Series You Can Watch During This Quarantine


This is for all the lovers of dark and mixture of the dark and the hilarious. You will definitely love this series. And if you already do, you can watch again.

It stars Julia Roberts and base on a mysterious facility that helps soldiers make the transition back to civilian life.

You can add more to this list. i would love more suggestions of tv shows to watch and im sure many would too.

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  1. I don’t watch too much tv typically, but these are great suggestions for being at home! Might as well start a new series!

  2. The only thing I’ve watched here is Stranger Things. Definitely a must watch. I’ll have to check out the other shows though.

  3. I have watched vampire diaries…that is amazing story……. and stranger things is one of my best serials…..

  4. Great list! i find watching movies and tv-series during the quarantine is very pleasing and is making happier each time I give my time to it

  5. The Good Place is a great series to watch during this time because it’s such a positive and feel good series. I loved it!

  6. They have re-releasing Sailor Moon on Youtube here in Japan and I have been binge watching the first season. It has been a long time!

  7. I’ve watched The Vampire Diaries, my family and I watch The Good Place, and my kids love Stranger Things. We definitely have the same taste in tv series! Will watch your other suggestions.

  8. These are some great TV series to watch. I would like to start watching The Originals.I love to watch Netflix I recommend Money Heist is one of the best series you can ever see in your life

  9. Love all of these suggestions and have actually watched a few already. It is a good time to get into a good series especially while stuck at home.

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