Appreciate The Little Things

Appreciate the little things in life, take note of them, they make life meaningful. Sometimes, they usually appear so trivial that they are easily overlooked.

It is the little things that matter most. Although they come with ease, without effort, so much that we don’t give them much thought or appreciate them until they are no longer there.

We hardly give any attention to a sneeze or a yawn until it becomes a burden like when we have a cold or coming down with a virus.

No one thinks so much of a little thing like blinking until you have a peck in your eye or a boil on your eyelid.

These little things are so natural to us that we don’t think they’re worth attaching any importance to.

We don’t take time to appreciate sitting, getting up, passing a gas, sneezing, smiling or even a good morning from a friendly neighbour.

I learnt to appreciate some of these things when I had to be on bed for a while. I had to learn to get off the bed, to sit by myself.

The first time I sat for a whole five seconds, it felt as if I sat for a decade. I was shivering and sweating as if I was carrying a load of sand.

I got the chance to learn to walk a second time. I learnt to rise from sitting position. I couldn’t squat, I still can’t. I learnt to climb the stairs all over again. I still do that like a two year old by the way.

The funniest ones were learning to know to hold the pee and poo all over again. There was a time they had to wait and even pray that I passed gas.

I remember thinking how passing gas of all things could be so scarce or hard to call up. Those were the hardest.

And sneezing, that was after one of my surgeries. I wouldn’t stop sneezing and the doctors were scared it might rip my stitches. My sister would have to hold my sides and press on the surgery side every time I sneezed.

The first time I was able to sit and turn around to look outside the window. It was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. I watched for just a minute and it left me happier than I had been in a long time.

My only view at the time was the white ceiling, the lady on my left and the woman on the right side.

We don’t think so much of these little things. We only realise they were there when we can’t do them, like swallowing your saliva when you have sore throat. We don’t realise how many times we swallow till then.

Appreciate the little things when you still have them. Whenever I am in the shower and I feel the cold water on my hot or tired body, I’d mutter a “thank you for the gift of water.” I spent months without bathing. Whenever I crave it, I would comfort myself by imagining it.

Appreciate the little things

We should appreciate them all when we can. The little moment when we set eyes on our loved ones and we exchange small smiles, a baby’s smile or chuckle, a neighbours wave, partners nags, the small fights. We would surely miss them when they’re gone.

When you pull aside the curtains in the morning or when you step out and you’re gifted with beautiful sun rise. Pause, breathe and appreciate the beautiful sight before rushing on.

Listen to the breeze, look at the sky in the morning, the clouds, the stars at night. Don’t be too busy to live, to see and feel. These are what make life worth living.

Hug your kids a while longer than you used to, breathe in their air around them, hold the smile a while, don’t be in a hurry to rush out. They grow up fast.

Appreciate the little things

Learn to be thankful and grateful for everything. Enjoy and get to know all you have, all you can do, everything and everyone around you. Live, that’s what life is all about.

The things we take for granted are the gravest things to lose.

Olufunke Kolapo

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  1. What a great reminder of all of the things that we take for granted. To try to be in the moment and not be stuck in the busyness of the day or tasks before you can be difficult but really it’s not more important than gratitude for who you are and what you have, beautiful reminder, thank you.

  2. Beautiful message! I know how easy it is to get caught up in life and forget the little things that matter so much.

  3. What a beautiful read. This is so true in so many aspects. It’s so easy for us to take things for granted.. but like you say. It’s the little things. Thanks for the reminder.

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