I spent too long
Pondering on what was lost
That I forgot too long
Things that are given
The love of my family
The company of wonderful friends
Who more than sacrificed
Time, love and care
Giving, asking not
Walking by my side
To sight the light of a new dawn
The ray of hope
To live life again
To right the wrongs
To a new beginning

Shade of Blue

nostalgicUnderneath this same
shade of blue,
I made houses
of sand and sticks,
boxes and weeds;
stuffed doll
strapped on my back
with mother’s head-tie.
I played house with
friends and siblings
pots of cans
soup of mushrooms
and water leaves
I watched ants
appear and disappear
into tiny holes.
I skinned my knees
and bruised my toes
I played hide and seek
in the open yard,
rain or sunshine
jumping ropes
and climbing trees.
I smiled and cheered
without reservation.
I sobbed and wailed
when sad or hurt
no shame or pretence.
I miss my younger self.

Moving On

a journey to recovery
a backward-never-trip
to restoration
narrow and thorny
shallow and stony
so many pieces
waiting to be found
all scattered here and there
along the road
to moving on
jagged and ragged pieces
waiting to be fitted
along the road
to moving on
not a thing of ease
taking a step
into moving on
step into it
no looking back
no turning back
while on the journey
to moving on

A New Day

Darkness gives way to light
We embrace the new light
The first gift of a new day
A light to light the way
The gift of morning
A wonderful blessing
An unmerited favour
A chance to start anew
Cloudy or sunny
It stands for hope
Hope in living life again
Hope in a new beginnning

That You Were My Home

A wide blanket of snow
Stretched out like curtains of silk.
No stitch line or edges

What hands wrought this marvellous work?
A wide sparse of land
Gorgeously adorned with balls of fire,
And dashing sparkle of jewels,
Like a bride being led to her groom
Always the same viewed from
North, South, East or West.
A virgin unravished by man
A chaste land that belongeth to no man
A sweeping canopy seemingly supported by the hills
Thy gates shielded by their smoke
A palace fit only for the greatest king
The moon glorifying his presence,
The stars rending obeisance,
The crickets and the creeds lending their music at night
Thy beauty teases us
For you remained out of reach
Like the promise of the second coming
Oh that thou were my home!
Oh that I had wings like a dove!
I would hasten my escape from here below.
Unfold my wings,
Then I would fly away,
Away to thee.
And be at rest
And the troubles of this world,
Dissolve and forgotten.

Sleep Not Child

Glide through
Slice through
Sleep not child
No time to linger
This world, too fragile to lean on
Heed not her lullaby
There’ re pines on her bed
Beak it through
Chip it away
Struggling still
Let not your will slip
On her slippery slope
Your hope, your drive
Sleep not child
……………Initiated by Elubayo Elusode D’first.
Edited by Olufunke Kolapo