Stronger Than Ever

I spiralled downward
onto the debris
that was my life
broken and scarred
to the marrow
still I rise
from their ashes
stronger than ever
Plagued with nameless dread
drenched in sweat
pounding heart and jittery limbs
terrified terror
clouding my days;
darkening my path
still I break free
from their grips
stronger than ever

Like Onions

your hypnotic beauty
winking and beckoning to me
under the midnight sky
where stars perform
their starly duties
your serenity, an assurance ~
this storm is almost over
your wildness, a challenge ~
silently urging…give love
another chance
and life, a chanceĀ  to unfold
your wideness ~ an infinite possibility…….
brighter days are yet to come

Be Hopeful

I’m very playful
If you are careful
I wish you to be cheerful
For all must be joyful
We must be active
On things that are lawful
We’ll become faithful
Because we are tactful
Let’s remain hopeful
For all will be colourful
(Just a passing thought…..smiling out loud)
From Elubayo Elusode D’first


(NaPoWriMo14 Day 22)
Today on the heels of tomorrow
Right from its birth
All through the deep dark night
Till the light of the morn
“When will tomorrow be?”
“Tomorrow never is”
We are today in pursuit of tomorrow
Chasing it all day today
I have it now, we think
Secure in the folds of our palms
Letting loose when sleep our eyes closed
At light the search begins again
Today matters most
That we fail to remember
Not yesterday, gone forever
When we die all over
Tomorrow is another
When we know not the better
Today is ours to matter
When we live again
I become today
It’s all I have

If Life Were Easy

If life were easy
I would walk this land barefoot
Just to feel these cold stones
On my cold dry foot
If life were easy
I would embrace the drizzle
Dance in it all day long
Feel its sweet wetness
On my milk pale skin
If life were easy
I would sit under the full moon
Chat all night with her occupant
About all my dreams
Were the clock to turn back its hands
If life were easy
I wouldn’t want you to know this life
Living my life in place of yours
Would spare you this hardship
And carry this burden alone
If life were easy
I would still wear these shoes
You, never try them on
I wouldn’t trade my life with yours
Would gladly wear this pain
If there is a chance it could be you
If life were easy
I would still want you in my life.
For you.

To 2014… Cheers

My friends and family, my delight
Your likes and comments my prompt
Cos of you 2013 brought out my best
Without you this blog just my leisure
Your visits here my pleasure
Your presence here my gay
Your friendship and care making my day
Thanks to you it’s now my call
Wish you happy new year one and all

Empty Vessel

Switch off your glaring light
Oh ageless sun!
Spin no more on your axis
Oh mother earth!
My soul is lost in time
Her vessel mourns her transition
Why would you go on without me?
Stop! Stay! Proclaim my demise
* This poem is about my pain. I could write a whole book about it, but this will do for now. I feel like I merely exist to watch others live. It’s so painful. I keep blocking it out but I guessed I succeeded in blocking out everything, till there is nothing left. *

Lessons I Learnt

I have lived…or sort of
I have dined with laughter
I have cared
I have embraced love
I have walked with pain
I have dined with sorrow
I have tasted betrayal
I have drunk the wine of desertion
I have made friends with fear and guilt
I have chewed on suffering
I have inhaled rejection
I have been broken
I have learnt to bend
I have gone to hell and back
I have survived
One lesson I learnt?
Life goes on
Live it