ORÍ (Inner Self)

      (NaPoWriMo14 Day 27)
I wait in silence as fate speaks.
His dictates and acts not my own.
Minding not my wait, I’m just in haste.
All Ori requested, I’m being thrown?
Life unfolds as it is written.
No dictates of destiny worries can alter.
While I make plans, it follows its patterns.
Hoping in his pouch are days brighter.
I wait in prayer for what tomorrow brings.
Laying ’em all at the feet of the Maker.
He sees tomorrow, He can heal my sorrow.
Hoping He makes do His promises to the letter.

He Reigns

              (NaPoWriMo 14 Day 18)
Let all people with gladness sing
With joy for His glorious reign
Christ the King lives, His praises ring
Let all the people with gladness sing
The empty tomb, His victory bring
The guards at the tomb watched in vain
Let all  people with gladness sing
With joy for His glorious reign

A Reminder

    (NaPoWriMo14 Day 16)
The black blue sky breaks light
As each star appears
Winking and twinkling
To the rhythm of the night
The clouds swiftly moved
Giving way to the rising moon
Each in her heavenly beauty
Each to her earthly duty
A reminder of the first night
When he ordered the light to be
Only man ceased to be
What He intended him to be

A Token for Good

(NaPoWriMo14 Day 14)
A little supplication from my mouth to His ears for this special day
Life might hurl all sorts of things at you today
Stuffs that make you want to curse the day
Stuffs you accept without a sigh all day
Just keep holding on through the day
Never let go today
Never complain about the day
Choice will befriend you someday
Your eyes will live to see the day
God will grant you a token for good one day

Vessel of Honour

(NaPoWriMo Day 6)
I am a vessel of honour
In the house of the great master
A living sacrifice for him
A light to light the path for all
Whether wood, clay, gold or silver
I am a vessel of honour
Bought with a price, His precious blood
All that I am to Him I yield
A broken vessel, a dishonour
Conformed to sin and lust for world
I am a vessel of honour
Sanctified for the master’s need
From all youthful lust must flee
Never dishonour His holy name
Embrace all things holy and pure
I am a vessel of honour

A Day of Rest

Rest my brow
Time to unwrinkle your furrow
Another glorious day of the King is here
Offer thankful hymn to His presence here
This is not to linger
Or your worries to stay longer
Rest, oh seat of thoughts
Release unto Him all your cares
Rest my soul, embrace His balm
Let the fingers remain calm
Today is another day of bliss
Let all souls enjoy this moment of peace


Who am I?
That He would think of me
A wretched sinner
A dog, always returning to his vomit
Yet He loves me so
Knows me more than I do
Even when I knew Him not
Cares for me when I sought Him not
Hiding me under His mighty wings
Shielding me from every storm of life
Listening patiently when in prayer I bow
Working still even when I lost hope
One more favour I ask of you this hour
I know your rest is this day
I need you more than I ever do today
Like you did in those days
Remould and remake me oh Lord
For You are the greatest Potter