This Too Shall Come To Pass


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This too shall come to pass. The pandemic, COVID-19 along with the pain, affliction, anxiety, isolation it brought along with it. They will all come to pass.

They will be forgotten and become things of the past because nothing last forever. Every beginning must have an end.

Samuel Ayobami Ogunsola wrote a poem to encourage and remind us in this dark times, that this too shall pass. We shall overcome it together like we always do.

This Too Shall Come To Pass (A COVID-19 Poem)

The heart is crumbling
The soul is weeping
Death rate is rising Over human race
People brimmed with fear
Sorrows and tears
The deceased weep on
For their sorrowful death

I slept at night
I woke at dawn to find the virus at my door step
Without a thought
I banged my door
It is here
It has spread from China to France, Italy,
The United states
Now it has landed in my Mother land

Without a travel ticket
It has traveled across the globe in planes and boats.

But it only came for a visit
It has not come to stay
It only stays when you welcome it
Shut all windows
Shut all doors
Leave no openings
Do not let it into yours homes
And it will leave on his own

Just as influenza, bubonic(The Black Death)
and Ebola came for a visit but now they had crawled back into their caves
For they are not allowed to stay with us
We fought them bravely
We overcame
We won the battle against the viral diseases that came to destroy our race

Let's not loose hope
Hold on to your faith
Covid-19 has not come to stay
Just like the others
This too shall come to pass

Written by

Samuel Ayobami Ogunsola

Stay at home; Stay safe

Where Do Our Dreams Go?

Where do our dreams go? Who knows? I wrote this poem in 2016 when I was feeling reflective about life generally, especially when we were younger.

We dream, we set goals, we make plans. But do our dreams always become real?

It was easier when we were younger. It was easier to just dream, make plans and set goals with our peers or alone. It was my escape when I was younger.

I would pretend to be asleep and just think of a life better than the one I had then. The kind of life I would have when I grow up. My dreams.

Where Do Our Dreams Go?

I had a lot of dreams while growing up. I wanted to be so many things. I am not any of the things I dreamt I wanted to be now.

I can’t but wonder if the plans and dreams we have for our lives don’t matter at all. If life just dish out what it desires to us not minding what we want.

Where Do Our Dreams Go? I had dreamt
Life would be all sweet and colourful
A little challenge here, a little grief there
They keep the journey real and meaningful
I had prepared to be strong
Rise above all hurdles
Ignore all hassles
Who knows what happened to that dream?
‘Cos it’s farther than it seems
So far I can’t catch a glimpse

I’ve never really been happy
Not as I dreamt
I’ve had more grief than joy
Not what I saw
I’ve not attained all I’d imagined
Not as I thought
All I desire is a life so simple
Maybe not as simple as it sounds
All I have is not as I dreamt
All I am is not as I thought
Now, I’m dreaming I might deserve
Nothing more than I am
Only I’ve got more than I deserve

Who knows what happened to my dreams?
I wonder where our dreams go

Have You Ever? (4)

Have you ever felt so misearable

So much you wanted to weep your heart out?

Have you felt the constriction of your heart in its chamber?

As your mind struggled to repress The distress

The mortification, treachery

And the agony of stinging tears


Forcing to break through

Somewhere from the back of your head

But couldn’t


Because even the relief

From the threatening drops

Is not enough

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Somewhere in the Dark

I wonder what waits in the dark

I want to know who lurks in the shadow

When I turn

When my breath stilled

Right there at the corner of my eyes, a presence.


I’d turn ever so slowly

Maybe I’d catch a glimpse

Sometimes I’d pause a few breath

At other times in the deep darkness of the night

I’d lie quietly with my eyes closed

Hoping to catch the hum of another breath.

In the darkness,

behind me, she chooses to linger

The girl I was supposed to be

I am Only Human

You have been good to me

You have been gracious

Gracious more than I deserve

Sometimes, it’s just so hard

Hard to be me

Harder to accept this is me

All I have seen

All I have gone through

All I have had to do

To be the me I can be

Some days I can’t but imagine

What if?

Other days I can’t but picture

What could have been

I am not ungrateful

I am only human



I would melt into you
if only I could
reach far enough
to touch you
pull you into me
trace every contours of your skin
memorise every oulines of your form
and together we would melt
like droplets in the river
you into me
I into you
till we know not
where you end
or I begin
I reached
I pulled
and touched….
all I kissed
was a gush of air

Like Gold -A Poem on Pain And Triumph

I have known pain
I have known fear 

Fear chilling than the harmattan air

Pain, fiercer and harsher than the whips of a thousand horsemen
My soul sank deep into the river of pain and fear
I sought refuge in the bosom of the younger dawns
I hid in their embrace and they comforted me
I dreamt of the rebirth of her garden in all its glory
I felt the healing miracle of the morning sun

When Eva bathed in her warmth;

And I saw her inhabitants
came alive with the songs of the birds, and fluttering flowers in the breeze

I have known pain;
Nameless, faceless fear
I sunk deep into their depths
And they hurt no more

Like Gold, A poem on pain and triumph over life challenges.

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I bow in awe of You
King of kings
Who was
And will always be
From generation to generation
To the end of time
Your mercy endures
Your love found me
Out of the depth of the stream
My soul sought Your face
Your words- Your desire
In those waiting on Your mercy
I employed in my cry for help
Your strong arms
Delivered my soul
Your wings of protection
Shielded me from tempest
Your mighty voice
Calmed the raging storm
And satisfied my soul
With immeasurable peace
You stripped me of my sack cloth
And clothed me with joy
You are true and just
Merciful and gracious
I bow in awe of You
Ancient of days
You are who they say You are
You are the Lord

I Believe

I am waiting for a crack

in the shell of the sky,

announcing the birth of a new world;

free from sorrow, pain and prejudice

where man and beast

walk side by side

like when dawns were young.

I believe in a world

where children are children

singing and dancing in the rain

freeing the body of all limitations

and not a fear to the mothers hearts

I dream of a world

where law is devoid of less

where the haves and have nots share same law

where no one is judged by race, class or color

where humanity is a joint robe for all.

I pray for a world,

where we only smile for joy

not as a mask for hurts, betrayal or disappointments

where our ugly hearts are not cloaked

with flowing robes or colourful attire

A world

where friends justify the meaning of friendship

And family reigns above all

Still, I believe.