How I Met The Love Of My Life

Let me tell you a story of how I met the love of my life. I have always wondered what this would feel like or what he would be like when I finally meet him.

Someone I can look at and call the love of my life.

Sometimes I would wonder if he has to be someone I love or someone who loves me. I don’t know how it works. But if I have to wonder or ask it only means I have not met or seen him. Right?

I never gave up on love, though. I kept trying, hoping and never stopped looking. Then I met someone, found him or he found me.

I’ve known him for a very long time but I never see the possibility. I have no idea if I was shortsighted then or perfectly fine.

He came back after my accident, and to say I was happy would be an understatement. I was only love could survive that long.

I was grateful. He came back, that was more than enough for me. And he was saying all the right things, all I needed to hear.

I felt on top of the world, blessed, proud; someone could love me that much after all the damages my body has passed through.

It was a time I wasn’t feeling anything like my old self. Crazy or on the edge was what I would describe myself as. So, yes I needed someone or so I thought.

I wanted to give him the world. He had given me everything so I promised in my heart I’d give him all.

I’m in love with myself.

But I was wrong

He was wrong. He was only doing me a huge favour, so he said. And he came to settle an old grudge. That, I came to understand.

So, I fell harder than when I had a disagreement with the truck. I swear I could hear my heart pop as it burst.

If you don’t love yourself you’ll always be chasing after people who don’t love you either.

Then I saw and heard more, those things that have always been there but I was too stupid to accept.

Life suddenly became too hot and suffocating. But I can’t afford depression or worse, there are people who need me to live.

So, instead I sat down and counselled myself. What would God think of me especially with the way I’m living the second chance He gave me? Why am I doing this to myself?

My answer? Because I don’t love myself. I don’t appreciate me and see me for who I am. I had stopped loving me, my body; I didn’t appreciate my strength, courage, triumph, intelligence and my life.

My body had been through so much. Permanent injuries, depression, PTSD, anxiety; I survived them all without drugs or therapy

My body and mind had been broken, shattered, yet I managed to keep the pieces from flooding out. I am bloody but unbowed.

If I had loved myself, then I would know not to feel the need to be grateful someone looked at me. I would realise someone should be blessed to have me.

Work on being in love with the person in the mirror who has been through so much but is still standing.

I have had the pleasure of meeting myself and I love what I have seen; what I see. That was when I realised the love of my life has been beside me all along. Me!

I never knew falling in love with yourself could heal a broken heart. I am in love with myself and it is the best feeling ever.


To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance

Oscar Wilde

When you love yourself, there is this feeling of satisfaction, fulfilment, joy and peace that surrounds you.

Self love is not selfish; you cannot truly love another until you know how to love yourself.

It is Valentine, season of love, give yourself some. You deserve it and long overdue. Go to the SPA, fix your nails, get a new hairdo, buy yourself expensive gifts even before you get for your partner if you have one.

If you are single, you deserve it even more. Take yourself out, treat yourself to dinner. Because you know what, it takes a lot of courage and strength to be single.

Fall in love with who you are, appreciate who you were and celebrate who you are going to be. Because you have to live with yourself for as long as you live no matter who you end up with.

You can’t pour from an empty cup, take care of yourself first.

Let the romance begin with you.

10 Love Poems For You On Valentine

Everyone loves Valentine, it’s all about Love. I’m sure you do too. We get so busy sometimes we forget to appreciate the people in our lives and show them some love.

Even though you are still recovering from the biggest shopping holiday of the year, you’re already wondering how to make your loved ones happy this Valentine.

This is why I have compiled these Love poems for you to celebrate your love. You can put them in a card as a gift or add them to your surprise package.

I wrote this love poem in 2012

Like the warmth of the morning sun
So do thoughts of you embrace me
Revealing how alive I am

A glorious light of a new day
So is your presence in my life
Relieving it of its shadow
Marking the start of a new beginning.
10 Love Poems For You On Valentine.
You ignite my heart
Like the ray of sunshine
After the morning drizzle
If I could reach far enough
I would melt into you
Like droplets in the river
Till we know not where you end
Or I begin
Like Droplets
Time froze
Breath ceased
Hearts stopped
And stilled
When your lips
Grazed mine

This one is for the Little Angels.

Cute as a button
Soft as cotton
On my lonesome nights
You shine like a beacon
the color of love
is you and I
a perfect symphony
of sound
falling endlessly
like rain sprinkling
a piece of forever
silently etched
into the capsule
of time
black blue sky
wrapped in
sexy, secret darkness
In dream awake ~
to your wildest fantasies
You brought me sunshine
Where I only see rain
You brought me laughter
Where I only see pain
You brighten my sky
Like thousands of rainbow
On a cloudless rainless day
My ribbon of wishes
Bring my dreams alive
Wear me on your heart
Remember me
On your darkest night
Like the sky would
The tiniest star



I would melt into you
if only I could
reach far enough
to touch you
pull you into me
trace every contours of your skin
memorise every oulines of your form
and together we would melt
like droplets in the river
you into me
I into you
till we know not
where you end
or I begin
I reached
I pulled
and touched….
all I kissed
was a gush of air

Soul Mate

My heart knew you before it met you.
You, I have waited for all my life.
So familiar like the back of my hands,
Only I just met you a while ago.
Unless I had loved you in another life,
Lived in your heart like you did mine.
My heart flutters when it heard yours.
Although not of passion but of a whisper,
Telling yours of our meet in another time.
Every kiss, every sigh, a reminder of before.


            Fluttering and billowing
                   in the breeze,
                   a bevy of lilies;
                     awaiting ~
                  beauty’s sting.

The Morning-After

       as daylight ushered in
           the morning-after
              all promises made
           in the heat of the
                 now smothered
             by the heat of our
                       passion ~
         we watched helplessly as
            their crumpled fragments
                   ascended in the

Beauty's Sting

Flitting in and out
       of warmth,
  in search of blossomed hearts
for a thrust
                  of her beauty’s sting
   leaving trails
                  of battered hearts,
     in her vengeful wake.