Through Your Eyes

My heart swells
When I behold your eyes
When they look at me
I feel beautiful
My heart leaps for joy
When they love me
My eyes fill with tears
Unite your eyes with mine
Teach me to see the world
Through your eyes
I feel drawn to you like gravity
I’m being carried away by their tide
No pulling back
I’m going to let the tide take me away
Clasp your hands with mine
And walk with me on this journey of life
Take me to your world
I want to see the world through your eyes
A blind mind renders the eyes useless
Your eyes show your mind
Unite your eyes with mine
Teach me to see this world
Through your eyes
Through your eyes she looks more beautiful
The grasses are greener
The flowers more beautiful
And the sky brighter
Like the dawn of the first morn
I can feel the dew on the first grass
The silvery stars to lighten the dark nights
Your eyes make the world livelier
Unite your eyes with mine
Teach me to see this world
Through your eyes
This agony, sorrow and disorder
Obscure the intellect
Your eyes hold the power
To lighten the burden
If this world would be blessed
With more of your kind eyes
Then she would be a better place
Unite your eyes with mine
And teach me to see this world
Through your eyes
By Olufunke Kolapo
to the One who loved me when I wasn’t very lovable.

That You Were My Home

A wide blanket of snow,

Stretched out like curtain of silk.

With no stitch line or edges

What hands wrought this marvellous work?

A wide sparse of land

Gorgeously adorned with balls of fire,

And dashing sparkle of jewels,

Like a bride being led to her groom

Always the same viewed from

North, South, East or West.

A virgin unravished by man

A chaste land that belongeth to no man

A sweeping canopy seemingly supported by the hills

Thy gates shielded by their smoke

A palace fit only for the greatest king

The moon glorifying his presence

The stars rending obeisance

The crickets and the creeds lending their music at night

Thy beauty teases us

For you remained out of reach

Like the promise of the second coming

Oh that thou were my home!

Oh that I had wings like a dove!

I would hasten my escape from here below.

Unfold my wings,

Spread them and bid the wind to carry me.

Then I would fly away, away to thee.

And be at rest

And the troubles of this world,

Dissolve and forgotten.


Like the warmth of the morning sun,
So do thoughts of you embrace me.
Dreamlike I am awake,
A glorious light of a new dawn.
So is your presence in my life.
Revealing the shadows in my life.
Thus I would I can explain,
Like the smell of the rain.
The feeling of forever.
This pounding in my heart,
A waterfall over steep rocks
Flooding from your heart to mine
Will forever be springtime
Alas! The start of a new beginning.