Lessons I Learnt

    I have lived…or sort of
    I have dined with laughter
    I have cared
    I have embraced love
    I have walked with pain
    I have dined with sorrow
    I have tasted betrayal
    I have drunk the wine of desertion
    I have made friends with fear and guilt
    I have chewed on suffering
    I have inhaled rejection
    I have been broken
    I have learnt to bend
    I have gone to hell and back
    I have survived
    One lesson I learnt?
    Life goes on
    Live it!

13 Replies to “Lessons I Learnt”

    1. You are so right. Our experiences in life good or bad made us who we are. Without them we are nothing. So true, we need not be bothered by them.
      Thanks for visiting. Do come again 🙂

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