#Just Thinking Out Loud#

Life – it means different things to me everyday, depending on my mood.
Sometimes, it’s just living it. It’s life after all.
Life is a spiral stairs. You only see the few steps ahead. Take it one step at a time.
Life is like the mixed songs played by D.Js in a party or radio stations. Just sway to the beat playing at the moment, but don’t get carried away it changes any moment.
Life is a riddle – a game of the intellects, but sometimes, the fools win the game. Oops! I guess you can’t rely on your wits all the time.
Life is a challenge. The deal is you don’t get to pick your battle or when and where you want it. Life itself dishes it out to you leaving you to figure out how to win it.
Life is a race, but not of swiftness or strength. It’s all about time and chance. They make the rules and decide who wins. *shrugs*
I learnt a little too late that it also has fangs and can bite you anywhere and anytime. No cure or antidote for its venom. You live with it if favoured until it healed, then the scar. And it doesn’t get better. You just get used to it.
I do learnt one other thing though, in order to survive life, you have to be stronger than it. You turned all the lessons you learnt from it into your weapon and beat life at its game.
So, life is being stronger than life.
But then, I’m just thinking out loud and speaking not. *winks* 

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