There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.

Maya Angelou

What’s your story?

Share it and give someone hope for tomorrow.

We want stories of women who have fought through hard times, lived through traumatic experiences and are still standing.

Women who stood up for themselves or for someone else, who can be great examples for other women and girls out there who believe they are not strong enough, not good enough or that they do not matter.

Speak out, so they can believe they do have voices too and there are people who are ready to listen to them.

It could be your life story or someone else’s, a moment in time, a time you felt completely powerless or powerful.

Tell us the story of the time or moment that brought you where you are today.

Bare your soul, free your mind, write your heart out. You might heal someone and heal yourself in the process.

Changing Lives With True Life Stories

Let your story do the talking. Inspire, Motivate, Heal; believe me you might even save a soul.

I have decided it would be great to start with mine. You can read the first part here. I have had an action full and challenging life. It is hard to pack it in one story 🙂 You can write a whole book on me.

There are no rules. You can choose to be anonymous, no required length, just write your heart out. This might set you on your journey to recovery too.

Please, note that we may edit your story for clarity and to suit our editorial guidelines. So edit as best as you can before submitting.

It would be great if you could submit in Microsoft Word Document Times New Roman 12 and upload as a file here. Or copy and paste in the Tab, “Additional Note”.

And if you are younger than 18, we will not include your name or photographs.

Also, we can’t publish every story we receive. Please don’t think your story is not published because it has no value.

Fill in the form below to begin:

Would you like to use your name or stay anonymous?

You can find me here on my Facebook page

Or on our Amputee Support Platform Facebook Page and Group

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  1. Thank you, Olufunke, on behalf of Daylight Tune Ministry to follow our ministry blog. May our poetry bless your hearts and minds 🙂

  2. I love this idea! Stories are so important in our lives! I’ll try to think of one and send it over

  3. What a wonderful way to connect, it will surely have a great impact not only on those reading these stories, but on those writing them. Bless you for your idea!

  4. This sounds like a good idea. There are a lot of people with fascinating stories in this world.

  5. I love this, because I have blogged about some of my own experiences especially with a narcissist family member. I can totally relate to this post ❤️

  6. Showing your hearts a lot of times will get people to change their perspectives. Thanks for writing

  7. I love this idea. Reading other peoples story gives us different perspective but also a look into someone else’s life.

  8. Great idea. I love hearing true stories from other people’s lives. And it would be fun if you could read your own story here.

  9. This is a great idea! It’d be really helpful for people who are experiencing some problems & they might encounter a story similar to their struggle! It’d help people solve their problems so I really like this idea, thank you for sharing!

  10. That’s a great idea. Reading people who have overcome their obstacles is a great inspiration.

  11. This blog post is really very inspiring and interesting..sharing own experiences is the best way to motivate others…we never know our which experience is helpful for others…therefore this idea is really amazing and much unique..Thanks for sharing such an awesome idea…

  12. At my age, there are so many stories. My most recent one that has caused me to make changes is my mom passing. That is a very influential person to leave the family and bound to cause self-reflection. I miss my mom.

  13. This is really a great idea. Sharing stories to others sometimes can be motivating and can inspire other people.

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