I Remember- A Short Story March 31, 2020


I remember this story when I was going to work this morning. With everything going on I couldn't help it. There is so much going on in the world right now that if we are not careful, we might get sucked into the anxiety, panic and uncertainties around us. As much as I want to keep writing about Coronavirus, it's effects, updates and all. I thought it would be a relief to share other things like...
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A World Where Women Fight For Women July 21, 2019
Can we ever get to a place where women fight for one another before judging, attacking or criticising first? "Do not judge or mock a pain you have never endured." I have always pondered on this quote and how we are all guilty of it. I wish I know the author so I can ask what he/she must have gone through or saw to write it. When something bad happens to someone, we are always quick...
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Submission – Microfiction Award September 17, 2014
The IV  Edition of International Award (Museum of Words) for Microfiction is open for submission. The competition first prize is $20,000 for the best short story. All entries will be evaluated by an international jury of great prestige, and the finalist’s stories will be published. A maximum of two stories per person of no more than 100 words each, should be submitted from the following link: http://www.museodelapalabra.com/en/short-tales-contest/4-edition/participation-form If you are interested enter the following code in...
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