I would melt into you
if only I could
reach far enough
to touch you
pull you into me
trace every contours of your skin
memorise every oulines of your form
and together we would melt
like droplets in the river
you into me
I into you
till we know not
where you end
or I begin
I reached
I pulled
and touched….
all I kissed
was a gush of air

Soul Mate

My heart knew you before it met you.
You, I have waited for all my life.
So familiar like the back of my hands,
Only I just met you a while ago.
Unless I had loved you in another life,
Lived in your heart like you did mine.
My heart flutters when it heard yours.
Although not of passion but of a whisper,
Telling yours of our meet in another time.
Every kiss, every sigh, a reminder of before.

In the Kiss (2)

A shift from fluttering to pain
where my heart resides –
A reminder of agony from before
stunned by this strange overwhelming heat.
We fell, like a tree to the floor,
dying over and over again;
at the sight of him.
The path all too familiar.
The rhythm so similar.
Short trips with passion and pain.
Seeking desperarely for some resistance,
the only response  –
the wawl of warning in my ears;
and the thump, thump of my heart.
Close on their heels, an escaped sigh
disappearing into his possessive mouth.
Banishing all else into oblivion,
safe a satisfied moan, ‘I am home.’