Be Wary of the Sympathisers February 22, 2020


I know sympathisers mean well, they commiserate and comfort in time of misfortune or grief. But at times, one needs to be wary of them. I feel this way because sometimes sympathisers do more harm than good. And their counsels can be more discouraging than elevating. It took me a long time to actually understand the depth of my situation, maybe several weeks after I lost my limb. Life didn't even allow me to mourn the...
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The Amputee’s Prayer December 15, 2019


What would an amputee pray about? What would be their major prayer requests? A new leg? That the limb or limbs would miraculously grow back? I don't know what it was supposed to be. But I do know I have never said a prayer for a new leg before. My niece was reading the story of the Shunamite woman of 2Kings Chapter 4 to me few days ago. It was the story of the woman who...
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Soul Searching October 22, 2019


So, lately I have been on some kind of rediscovery and soul searching journey. *If you buy something through the links/banners, we may earn an affiliate commission. I feel somewhere along my journey here I have forgotten or lost the person I used to be or wanted to be. I have no idea what I am actually searching for but I know I am not comfortable with the present me. For the past seven years, I...
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Things Just Happen October 17, 2019


Is there some reasons why some things good or bad happen to us? If you are good, good stuffs come to you and if you are bad, you get the bad? It would be great if it does happen that way wouldn't it? At least when horrible things befall you, everybody would know you are reaping what you sowed. I believe things don't always happen for a reason, they just happen. Looking for explanations as to...
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The Innocence of a Child September 27, 2019


"I'm interested in how innocence fares when it collides with hard reality." Geoffrey S. Fletcher I am interested too. I would also like to know what happens when hard reality collides with innocence. Does the innocence of a child just evaporate at once, or slowly transform into harsh reality? Or it just vanished that you have no idea it was ever there? Does it leave traces of it's presence in you after it's departure? Does the...
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How To Break Free From Our Past September 16, 2019


We are products of our past, but we don't have to be prisoners of it. Rick Warren   For some of us, it is not easy to free ourselves from our past. We remain chained to it for as long as we live until we break free or pretend to be free. Most times, we pretend to be. So, truly we are a product of our past, it remolds us to a new or strange person...
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If I had A Time Machine August 8, 2019


If I had a time machine, what would I do with it? Where would I go? I would most definitely visit the year 2012 or maybe 2011 because that was where and when things started falling apart. It was when I first stumbled and fell. But if I want to be exact or accurate then I would visit one particular day in 2012 and change things as much as I could or maybe just one thing....
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Why You Need to Write August 4, 2019


Do you ever wonder why you need to write or if you should start at all? Then this is for you. When I started my blog on Wordpress free blog in 2012, I just wanted to write. I needed to express myself and I wanted a way to do that, so blogging unlocked that door for me. Then I realised that was not all. I needed a way to say all I had to say without...
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