Dark Poem

Have You Ever? (4)

Have you ever felt so misearable So much you wanted to weep your heart out? Have you felt the constriction…

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I am not here I am not there I am nowhere I can’t find a friend I don’t see a…

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Like Gold -A Poem on Pain And Triumph

I have known painI have known fear  Fear chilling than the harmattan air Pain, fiercer and harsher than the whips…

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Beauty's Sting

Flitting in and out        of warmth,   in search of blossomed hearts         for a thrust                   of her…

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Sexy Darkness

black blue sky          you     and              me, wrapped in sexy, secret darkness                   in dream awake ~    …

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wandering, in a maze as if in a daze a lone cloud, over hills and vales troubled soul nestling, on…

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