Mini Importation Advance Class

Mini Importation Advance Class: So you have studied mini importation and learnt how to source products on .

 You can translate the site to English, copy links and send it to your procurement agent.

You have spent a lot on Ebook, Whatspp training, Videos and all but you are not where you dream to be yet

However, you feel something is still missing. You wonder why you can’t order and pay for your products yourself.

Why do you have to send the link to someone else to buy it for you? Why can’t I source, order and pay myself on Then you are in luck.

Because this course will teach you everything you need to know about how to order your goods from China.

Mini Importation Advance Class

Or like me, the reason you haven’t made any attempt to order anything from China is because you are scared or doubtful.

Even if you have never imported from China before, this course will take you step by step of How To Import From China to Your Country.

I remember the first time I ordered from China. I scared of losing my money. It took me months to decide. 

But I want to tell you, I haven’t bought a single fake product from China yet. Whether on Alibaba, Aliexpress or 1688.

Now, I am not saying that it cannot happen in the future, because it has not happened before doesn’t mean it can’t happen. So don’t feel I am vain, but I have not experienced a case of what-I-ordered-is-not-what-I-got yet.

Which is why most people who have great interest in importation business are hestitant.

1. You don’t want to buy fake products

2. You are scared of being scammed.

3. You don’t know which shipping company to use.

Whichever category you fall into, you are in the right place.

Even if you are a beginner and have never used or learnt how to use before.

We have a beginners’ course on how to order from China to shipping to your shipping address in China to your country.

How to import from Alibaba, 1688 and Aliexpress without a procurement agent.

We will take you through how to source, order and pay for your products yourself without going through an agent.

I will guide and walk you through the process till you can do it yourself.

You will learn hot to check the quality of your products to prevent the risk of what you ordered is not what you goet.

I will teach you how to become a procurement agent and help people pay and make their orders if you so desire.

You will also learn how to get the contacts of the suppliers you need yourself.

I will guide you through your first procurement so you don’t make a mistake.

I will show you how to create a powerful Facebook and Instagram adverts to sell your goods.

You will learn the, marketing tips and and secrets to sell your goods.

If you prefer Whatsapp Marketing, using status and pictures, I will guide you through the best way to go about it.

If you were to attend separate training or courses for all of the above, they would not cost you less than #5000 each for the 5-6 courses here. That would be #30,000 for the 6.

Yet, they won’t show or teach you all you need. 

For instance, concerning payment on 1688, they will only tell you it is a long process and unless you can open a bank account in China or have someone open for you, you cannot make payment yourself.

I wanted to separate this course at first, but I remember how hard I searched to be able to know how to do this. I was determined to find out and I know there are other people out there like me who crave this knowledge. 

Besides, it would be a lot of work for me too.

So, all you need to benefit from all these is a one-time payment of #5000

Course Outline

  • What You Need To Start Mini Importation
  • Introduction To 1688
  • How To Download 1688 App
  • How To Register on 1688 And Get Verified
  • Product And Text Search On 1688
  • All About Understanding Suppliers 
  • How To Conduct Suppliers Research, knowing what to buy and who to buy from
  • How To pay Your Suppliers
  • How to Request for Refund
  • How to Chat With Your Suppliers in Chinese

Understanding Alibaba

  • Alibaba Suppliers Research
  • Contacting Alibaba’s Suppliers
  • How to place orders on Alibaba

Shipping And Logistics

  • List of Reliable Shipping Companies
  • How To Write A Standard Shipping Mark
  • How To Ship From Your Supplier To Your Shipping Company
  • Things To Do Before Shipping To Your Country
  • Shipping From Your Supplier To Your Country

Marketing And Advertising

  • Whatsapp Ecommerce
  • Instagram Ecommerce
  • Introduction To Facebook Advertising
  • How To Create Facebook Business Account and Ad Account
  • Setting Up FB Pixel
  • Facebook Campaign And Ad Manager
  • How To Create Facebook Advert
  • Using Your Mobile Phone To Create Facebook Advert
  • Understanding Facebook Advert Policy and more

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