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Who Is Olufunke Kolapo?

I am an Educator turned Writer/Blogger. Writing is a passion I’ve had since my childhood.

About Me - Olufunke Kolapo
True-life stories

I’ve always been interested in the art of writing. It stem from my love for reading. I’d read just about anything in prints while growing up.

When I got tired of my books and my siblings, I started reading my mom’s.

I remember the first one I tried was Camara Laye’s. “The African Child” when I was in primary 3. I didn’t really understand the book then.

Though I didn’t know this till I read it again in primary 5 and JSS 3. By this time, I’ve read them all. Even the ones in Yoruba like “Ireke Onibudo” and “Ogboju Ode Ninu Igbo Irunmole”.

Then, I started doing more than just writing essays, quotes and all. I started writing poems, short stories and plays. I even published some online.

Then Tragedy Strikes.

In 2012, a day to my 32nd birthday I was knocked down by a truck while I was going for a lecture. So, I lost my leg, along with other permanent injuries.

I lost myself, lost my way. Everything I have ever dreamt of becoming became unattainable, unrealistic and immaterial.

Except writing, it was the only thing I had. And I held onto it like a lifeline. I was writing like my life depended on it, at least a poem a day.

And that was when I decided to bring my writings online. I created a free blog on WordPress and started publishing them. I didn’t have to worry about getting traffic I had it.

But I wasn’t blogging or writing for money then. I was writing to live.

Now, I am a published author of a Teen novel, A Gift in The Dark and a Collection of Short Poems, called Cascade.

A New Chapter:

In 2019, I decided to expand. So, I migrated from free blogging to paid.

I started Changing Lives With True-life Stories. I was sharing stories to inspire motivate, encourage and heal. The more I talk about my pain, life and experiences the more I heal and became free.

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Then I wanted more, I decided to be more. So, I learnt to create websites for people, for business, using WordPress to create websites. I started with this blog then went ahead to make more for friends and clients.

Beyond Our Dreams

I learnt Facebook Advertising and started creating Ads for businesses on Social Media. I studied Socal Media Management, Digital Marketing, Mini Importation and started training people to do same. Hence the birth of my Business, Beyond Our Dreams.


I use storytelling and writing to help business owners, digital Entrepreneurs to grow their businesses

I know you, I am you. We are not really strangers. We are the same person with different battles and challenges but the same survival instinct. Click To Tweet

What I Can Do For You:

One, I can meet and fulfill all your writing needs.

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Work With Me

As a Ghostwriter, I can write blog posts for your site, stories (fiction and non-fiction) without taking any credit.

This simply means once I deliver the post or story to you, it is yours completely. I can never lay any claim on it offline or online, or use, sell or refer to it.

I use the keywords you provide, based on your niche, or search for the appropriate one(s) for your content with your approval.

As a Social Media Manager and Digital Marketer. I can help you grow your business from inside out. If you need a little help with your Social Media pages, I can create or revamp to suit your business brand.

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About This Blog

This is not just another blog, it is a Collection of True-Life Stories, Memoirs, Anecdotes of real people; the good the bad and the in-between, as well as Motivational articles, posts, poems, quotes, and gist.

So, you see I am not just telling stories. I am healing, inspiring, teaching, encouraging, and changing lives with True-life stories. And there are no truer stories than the ones that help us grow to who and what we want to be. Stories that help us make our dreams to be more than just dreams

So, if you are looking for writings to lift your spirit, inspire you, heal, challenge or want to share your true-life stories too to inspire someone, this blog is for you.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for a chat. or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

You can also visit our submission page here to submit your story.

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