About Me

About Me - Olufunke Kolapo

Hello there, You are welcome to my blog. Here I am aiming to Heal, Inspire and Change Lives with true-life stories.

I know you, I am you. We are not really strangers. We are the same person with different battles and challenges but the same survival instinct. Click To Tweet

I am Olufunke Kolapo. I’m a Mother, a Blogger, a Beauty Consultant and an amputee.

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Thanks for visiting my About Me Page. If you are here, it means you are curious about me, my blog and my services. Or how I can help to grow your business, or meet your writing needs.

I am the owner of Beautiful Me Chateau and Mothers Booster.  I love writing, creating new things, music and movies. And above all. I love true-life stories.

About Me - Olufunke Kolapo

I am a published author of a Teen novel, A Gift in The Dark and a Collection of Short Poems, called Cascade.

This is not just another blog, it is a Collection of True-Life Stories, Memoirs, Anecdotes of real people; the good the bad and the in-between, as well as Motivational articles, posts, poems, quotes, and gist.

So, you see i am not just telling stories. I am healing, inspiring, teaching, encouraging, and changing lives with True-life stories.

So, if you are looking for writings to lift your spirit, inspire you, heal, challenge or you want to share your true-life stories too to inspire someone, this blog is for you.

And if you would like someone to write your story, or memoir or ghostwrite for you, don’t hestitate to contact me for a chat or fill the form below.

You can also visit our submission page here to submit your story.

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