Retargeting: How To Bring Your Existing Customers Back

How To Get Your Existing Local Customers To Return Again and Again With Retargeting

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I don’t know about you, but one of the most frustrating things about running a website is the abandoned shopping cart. I can accept an empty shopping cart.

However, the hard truth is more than 80% of people who visit your website for the first time will leave without buying anything unless you can bring them back or make them come back.

The main objective of this article is to suggest ways to overcome abandoned shopping carts and to bring your site visitors or existing customers back to your site over and over again; and possibly how to make them stay.

For whatever reason, if people are not interested in whatever it is I’m pushing, that’s fine. But there’s nothing more frustrating than getting so close and still coming up short.

It’s as if you moved heaven and earth to get this person off the fence to go through the steps of buying, and at that final moment, they get cold feet. Talk about frustration, talk about getting so close only to end up where you began.

It’s very easy to see this scenario play out over and over again with completely national businesses. I’m talking about online businesses like e-commerce websites and digital product sites. That’s fairly easy to understand, but this also happens with local businesses.

For example, if you are a dentist in San Bernardino, California, you can use your website to generate appointments. Alternatively, you could be a personal injury lawyer in Fresno. You can have an online appointment form for people who have discovered your website through the internet. So far so good, right?

The problem is they fill out the form, but they don’t click the submit button, or they end up on that page, and for whatever reason, they don’t fill out the form, much less click the submit button. You end up with nothing.

Sadly, the vast majority of local businesses, think this is the end of the story. Too bad, they didn’t make it, better luck next time. It doesn’t have to be the end of the story. Thanks to a wonderful piece of online advertising technology called Retargeting, you can get another bite at the apple.

No joke, you get another bite, and if it doesn’t work, you get another bite after that. This is called ad retargeting or add remarketing. The best part is Facebook Ad network (and I’m not just talking about Facebook itself, but all these other websites that plug into Facebook’s ad ecosystem) will show your ad to people who have actually ended up on that page.

What Is Retargeting?

Retargeting: How To Bring Your Existing Customers Back

Retargeting or retargeting campaigns are a way to remind your website, and visitors of your products and services, after they leave without buying or contacting you to show interest in your services. In short, it helps to turn your website, visitors, into a customer.

People who came so close to becoming your next customer or booking an appointment, but for whatever reason, they begged off. When they go to your website, and then they go back to Facebook maybe two days later, what do you think they’ll see? That’s right, they will see an ad for your business.

Retargeting: How To Bring Your Existing Customers Back

Moreso, this is an effective way of reminding this person that at an earlier point in time, they were very interested in doing business with you. This advertising technology is so effective that it actually resurrects 40% of lost sales.

That is amazing, don’t you think? It can also mean the difference between making less than $100,000 a year or making well over that amount. In other words, it can make or break your local business. This is why you need to get people to return again and again with ad retargeting. It gives them the impression that you’re reading their mind.

Another way this retargeting benefits you is it pushes people further in the conversions funnel. For example, somebody goes to your dentistry website to look for information regarding a certain procedure.

Maybe they’re looking for orthodontics. Maybe they’re looking for root canal technology. Whatever it is, they’re just simply looking to get more information.

Retargeting campaigns can be done using Google Ads, Facebook retargeting ads, Linkedin Ads, Pinterest Ads, and other advertising platforms. This is essential in connecting to your customers and increasing sales.

Retargeting: How To Bring Your Existing Customers Back

When you run a retargeting campaign, you can then remind these people about what’s so unique and awesome about your own particular dentistry practice. They also get to know you. Moreover, before a customer decides to buy your product or services they need to feel like they know you. That’s how you convert tire kickers or information seekers into actual potential appointments.

In other words, you’re pushing them further along in the conversion process. You can do all of these thanks to Facebook. Click here for the framework you need to use Facebook’s ad system to turbocharge your local business’ profitability.   

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