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How Much Can You REALLY Expect To Make From Selling Your Home?

How much can you really expect to make from selling your home? More people are looking at their properties as possible paydays than ever before, yet the only question on everyone’s minds is the same: how do they know how much their property is worth.

Regardless of how many episodes of house hunters you’ve watched or what area you’re in, it can be hard to settle down on a number.

Here’s how to get a clear view of the value of your property and what that means for future buyers.

Consider the Size Of Your Home

The size of both your home and the lot it sits on controls a lot of the value of your property. More people have been looking for substantial space to spread out since the beginning of the pandemic, and others are eager for more storage options than an apartment can offer.

The larger your property, the more it’s worth.

Look At the Local Market

An important thing to do when asking yourself, ‘what is my home worth?’ is how the market is looking.

As of early 2022, properties are still climbing in value, continuing the trend in 2021, where a massive boom in interest made prices skyrocket by over ten percent in six months. Is the market trending upwards in your area: or is it dropping right now?

What Improvements Have You Made On Your Home?

Have you built value into your property? Did you put in the time and work to create a space that people will want to buy and invest in, or does it look the same as when you bought it?

This means more than just painting the walls and investing in a smart thermostat and fresh tile or hardwood floors. These can boost a home’s value and give you the chance to walk away with more money.

Have You Staged It?

Staging a home is the best thing a seller can do. Not only does it allow people to envision their lives within it, but it also gives it a polished and impersonal look that helps them ignore that someone has lived there before.

Staged properties sell for more money and are more likely to sell within eleven days than any other property.

Consider Asking Professionals

Asking professionals is the only way to ensure that the price you list your home at isn’t underselling it. You can hire an appraiser or talk to a realtor or real estate agent who will walk through your property and let you know what they think.

You must remember that realtors and real estate agents will do this for free, but they may try to pressure you into hiring them afterwards, so if you’re not planning to do this, it can make things awkward.

How much can you really expect to make from selling your home

You Deserve to Make Money Off of Your Property whether this was the first home you bought, and it was a bit of a leap, or this house has been in the family for generations: you deserve to make a good amount of money off of the property. Make sure you get a real appraisal before listing it!

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