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What Is The Small Thing That Made You Happy Today?

What Is The Small Thing That Made You Happy Today? I want to share this story with you all because something happened today that made me happy and somehow soothe my aching heart.

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And also because we discuss and share when people hurt or do something bad to us, so why not when someone is good, kind or do something selfless and beyond human.

This kind of deed must be exactly what Jesus meant when He said to love our neighbour.

Someone, I would not mention his name just gave me the biggest gift ever.

I call it the biggest gift because I know he is giving me everything he has.

I have been dealing with this unbearable pain from my residual limb. And it has made my back pain worse since I am leaning more on my weak right leg.

Walking has become a nightmare for me. Honestly, whenever I need to get up and walk I always wish to not have to. My knee is terribly sore and bruised, every time I walk it bruises more.

I am trying so hard not to go back to using a walker or both crutches. Every day is a different kind of torture. I told my sister I must be a horrible person in my past life. You will understand why when you read to the end of my story.

I need a new leg or maybe just the socket, I know that. It may not be the cure but my prosthetist said it is possible.

So, today my mom told me this my God sent Angel wanted to contact me. She gave me his number and I called him. In short, he said he promised to give me a portion of his salary every month until it is enough to get either the socket or the leg.

I know him and I know giving me that part of his income every month is a big sacrifice.

I will tell you why this kind gesture from him melted my heart. This is the part of my story that I don’t share because it is painful, it has left a cancerous wound in my heart.

What is the small thing that made you happy today?

Now, the truck that hit me belonged to my church, one of their organisations. When it first happened I was counselled to file a suit because it is a permanent injury.

However, as stupid as I was and still is I was confident they would come through. But the first thing they did was to request that the truck be released because there were perishable items in it.

Coincidentally, it was also the day I got to know I had a fourth-degree laceration of the perineum and vaginal. My anus was torn, fractured pelvis and pubic bones.

I had accidentally pulled on the stitches that day and felt a searing pain. I didn’t know I sustained injuries there.

Also, it was stinking like rotten meat, so the day was etched in my memory. I remember asking my sister to check if my clitoris was missing too.

And that was the day I realised that the amputated leg was the least of my worries.

So, when they came asking for their truck I laughed. I have perishable and rotten things down there too, but they only cared about their meat and tomatoes. They came bearing tons of “It is well” though.

Then they were served, weeks later.

And of course, they were ready to go to battle with me. They got a lawyer who had a long list of why they shouldn’t do or pay anything.

Four years later, I entered into an out of court agreement with them. I drop the case, they take care of my health. I told myself I shouldn’t be fighting with God.

Now, I need that health taken care of, but my church said they have nothing to offer because they don’t owe me anything. They already took care one time and my leg must have miraculously grown back afterwards.

I wasn’t fighting God after all.

When this man, who I know is not buoyant or have anything to gain from helping me offered to give me about half of his income every month to ease my pain, it makes my day.

He said no one should have to live in this kind of pain if there is something we can do about it.

It touched my heart to see that a good heart like his still exists today.

What made you smile today? Please make me smile by sharing your story. I need it. And I know someone somewhere does too.

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