What Makes Vancouver a Great Place to Live?

What Makes Vancouver a Great Place to Live?

Vancouver is one of the most well-known cities in Canada, and it’s not hard to see why!  From the endless movies filmed here to the gorgeous views and people, this city has a lot going for it. 

So what helps people bridge from an interest in the town to searching for homes for sale in Vancouver?

The following ideas are what keep people hooked:

Vancouver The Hollywood of Canada

Dozens of movies are constantly being shot in Vancouver.  This city is like catnip to producers because of the tax cuts, and it has birthed many stars like Jensen Ackles of Supernatural fame. 

Dubbed as the Hollywood of Canada, Vancouver is a beautiful city with portions that can pass as a city anywhere else in North America, gifting directors a blank slate they couldn’t find elsewhere.  

A Short Drive to Whistler

If Vancouver is the fun business capital: Whistler is its playground.  Just an hour and a half from Vancouver, it is the perfect vacation spot, the city where anyone would be lucky to live.  

Unfortunately, many overlook this as a perk and miss out on visiting Whistler.  Known for its past in training Olympic athletes and its drive for being a fun and an informative ski town, it’s the perfect vacation spot for anyone who doesn’t want year-round city living. 

If winter sports aren’t your thing, you can still enjoy the mountain views and spas.

The Booming Tech Industry

Technology will always be a lucrative business.  Vancouver is proud to be home to innumerable tech startups and ensures each of these companies has a good footing on Canadian soil. 

This means for Vancouver residents their property values are on a constant incline and there’s always new technology to try and have fun with.  

Another perk of the density of tech companies in this area is that more grants and business loans geared towards them are rewarded in Vancouver. This means if you run a similar company, you could have a chance at some money for your business.

Gorgeous Views In Vancouver

Do you love ocean views?  Vancouver has them.  Are mountain views more your style? Of course, city views are covered as well. 

This city is a flawless combination of everything that people want to see, the beautiful 360-degree views ensure every window has a scenic view. 

By living in the town, you give yourself the chance to enjoy these views for life.

Ocean View In Vancouver

A Focus On Arts and Sciences

Although other major cities in Canada focus on more traditional industries: Vancouver is proudly modern.  This incredible city focuses heavily on ensuring that every child has access to a good science and arts education. 

Countless museums, numerous local shows, and podcasts focused on these topics, and the presence of endless movie crews all combine into making Vancouver a fun and interesting city that anyone would be lucky to call home.

Vancouver’s unique identity, fun locals, and strong work drive make it the obvious choice for anyone wanting to move to the city. 

Moreover, getting to know the locals, enjoying the unique tech conversations, and rubbing elbows with film royalty, can make anyone go gaga over Vancouver.

Gorgeous Views In Vancouver

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