2020, The Worst Year Ever

Is 2020 the worst year ever?

The year 2020. I am not sure if there are people who love this year or even like it. If there are such people, I would definitely love to hear their stories.

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It is not as if I am not grateful or that I do not have anything to be thankful for this year.

I have plenty actually, and it is a very long list. But this year is horrible, sad, disappointing, terrifying, hopeless and, depressing.

And I could go on and on…

Although, 2020 is not the worst year ever, at least not according to history, not yet.

However, 2020 is not over yet, it might still take the place of 536 or 1918 in history.

2020, The Worst Year Ever

According to history, 536 was the worst year ever. It was the year a volcano erupted in Iceland. The sun dimmed for a year, which led to a global cold spell.

It brought about a decline in temperature in Europe and China resulting in crop failures and famine for over one year. It was catastrophic.

Michael McCormick Called it “the worst year to be alive”.

You can read more here on why 536 was the worst year to be alive. That was the coldest decade.

We can also name 1918, the year of the Spanish Flu Pandemic as the worst year ever. The pandemic lasted two years and killed off almost 100million worldwide.

I am sure there are other years packed full of one tragic thing after another. Like1348, the height of the Black death 1919 the year of the Bloody Summer, The Holocaust in 1944 and so on.

2020, The Worst Year Ever

But we were not in all those years.

We are here in 2020.

This is the year of Coronavirus Pandemic. It has killed more than 1.7million people so far and 333,700 in the United State alone.

  • Protests resulting from several police killings of unarmed Black American.
  • Wildfires in Australia
  • And back home in Nigeria, October 20 Lekki Massacre in the #Endsars protest when armed security personnel used live bullets to disperse a crowd in Lekki leading to casualties and fatalities.
  • 24th January Lassa fever outbreak killing 29 in 11 states
  • 28th November, Koshebe massacre 110 civilians and peasant farmers were killed, six wounded in the rice field in Koshebe Village.

Even if 2020 isn’t the worst year yet, it is surely contending it and might win if it hasn’t already.

Either way, it is the worst year of the 21st century. It has tested us beyond measure.

I remember in December 2019, I was looking forward to this year.

The year 2020, it sounds beautiful to me, I was hopeful of all the good things I would do, all the thing that could come, the vast opportunities.

It was supposed to be the best year for me. I just love the sound of it ๐Ÿ™‚

I told myself I was going to look back to this year and remember all the good things I did, all the dreams that came true.

But I am grateful to be alive, healthy and hopeful. That is all that matters

“The year 2020 would be a great year to have a baby. I remember telling my sister. “

It would make a nice birthday. She agreed. Now she said God forbids she had a 2020 baby ๐Ÿ™‚

She said the history would follow them everywhere. Do you think so?

I do not.

As we near December, one can’t help but wonder what next and keep praying the next thing is a breakthrough and not another sad news.

I have decided, though to look into the new year with faith, a positive mind and hope in a new beginning and the end of Coronavirus Pandemic.

And to all who have lost their loved ones to the pandemic, or any of the other unfortunate events in this year I pray you get the strength to move on.

May God fill the space they left in your heart and lives.

Happy new year in Advance. See you all in 2021!

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