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South West 1: Save The Girl

South West 1: Save The Girl is A True Tale of Loss, Family, Faith and Fate. If you missed the last episode, you can read it here.

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“Are we there yet?” I asked again when the car bumped into another pot-hole for the hundredth time.

“We are almost there. Look, this is the hospital’s fence.” I couldn’t see anything, but I believed him.

It was bright and hot when I opened my eyes again. I saw my father, he was crying and talking to me at the same time. I have never seen him in tears before.

He was talking to me but all I heard was “Ah! Oluwa, Omo mi, omo mi kin lo de. Oh God, my child, why my child? Why has this happened to you? Why has this happened to me? What have I done?”

“It’s okay, Daddy. I’ll be fine. I have some money in my account. My ATM is in my bag. The pin is— I couldn’t remember the pin. Later, I wondered why I said that.

I was still trying to remember when they wheeled me into a white room. I saw the white, high ceiling and white light and then they blended together to make a very bright light.

South West 1 - Save the Girl

Everywhere was white and misty. I was not sure of which.

There were so many people moving about, shouting orders, some speaking in hushed voices, some were harsh and loud but I could only hear them.

So many voices, shapes and shadows without faces. They were touching me everywhere, cutting here and there. They cut my shirt and my bra. I heard lots of “Stats” and “ASAPs”, so many strange names that were lost in the mist and the voices.

And then some words became clearer between the torrent of strange words “clean the leg,” “save the girl”, “we should save both”, you can’t leave a pretty girl without her leg,

“Save the girl first” a new male voice barked.

“Call Dr O Asap, a lady’s voice barked at someone. Get the OB/GYN team here now. She said again”.

“Infection is spreading already. How long ago did this happen? does anyone know?”

“Where is the anaesthesia?”

“We couldn’t find any. Then we do it now! Fast, we do it without it.

I had no idea what “it” meant until they dipped my leg in some sizzling oil and roasted it alive. It sent me on a trip to hell. I screamed with all I had left.

“You are all wicked, cruel people. How could you do that without what did you call it? How could you do it without anaesthesia? Wicked people, heartless people. What have I done to do you?”

I was sure I was going through the worst agony in the whole world then, that there was no pain as tormenting as I was passing through. But I was wrong.

However, one good thing about this particular one was it woke me up. I was widely awake. It probably brought me back instead of sending me over.

“You sure have some mouth on you lady, she said close to my ears. But you are strong, very strong.

Most people would faint, I have seen men who fainted, but you came back spitting and swearing at everybody stronger than when they brought you in. Do remain, strong, okay? Hang in there, love.”

I thought it would be better if I fainted like the ones who were smart enough to let go. At least they would remember less.

Then a bright light flashed in my face. “What is that?” I screamed. “Is that camera?” How dare you take my picture? Does this look funny to you? Do I look like some celebrity to you or do I look like I want my picture taken?”

I have no idea how long I was out after that but when I came to a new male voice had joined the party. I didn’t like it, because it made me alert and sad and terrified.

“The leg is gone,” he said without feeling.” his voice chilled my blood and pierced my heart. “You can see it is badly mangled; we have to amputate it. Look, the bleeding won’t stop.

“The bandage is soaked already. We can’t save the leg. Let’s save her”. Somebody should call her family and move fast. I didn’t want to listen anymore.”

I let the darkness envelop me.

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