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South West 1: The Dream

South West 1: The Dream is the fourth chapter of the series I Shall Not Die. You can read Chapter 3 here. It is a true story of Family, friends, love and loss.

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South West 1: The Dream

There were two people with me I was sure of it, only I can’t remember where we were going or why we were together.

And then the vehicle stopped, I wonder what kind of vehicle it was, rickety and loud.

The front door slammed shut with a loud bang that seared forcefully through the thick fog in my head then out my ears.

“We are at the station now, we need that police report and then we would be on our way. Can you hear me?”

I wondered why we had to stop at the police station when I was dying. shouldn’t we be on our way to the hospital instead, where I can get help? I could feel my body being emptied of all fluid.

“Yes.” I replied.

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“Please answer me if you can. I need to know you are fine.”


The other guy came back and said some angry words that I couldn’t catch, the voices were fading away, and then a man said something.

“I’m going to place your head down now. I will be back. The movement was agonising.

I was getting tired of the whole thing. Nothing makes sense. I was supposed to be walking with my friends. But they were not there.

The Nice man was sure I was alone. I couldn’t remember where I was going with these friends, whose names I can’t even remember.

Now, I am wondering if the man is right that I was alone. Which means I am crazy or something else is wrong with me since I have no memory of anything pertaining to this madness. Even that doesn’t make sense

So, the only sensible explanation would be I that I am dreaming. I am in a dream.

A nightmare!

“This is the longest nightmare I ever had,” I thought and it seemed it would be the last.

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“I am going to die in my dream!”

And then the pastor would bless the Lord at my graveside for His mercy in granting me the grace to pass away peacefully in my sleep.

If only they knew what I am passing through right now. If only they knew what the people who died in their sleep went through, nobody would call it peacefully.

But I was not ready to die yet. I had to bid my family goodbye and I will!

The man came back. He was spitting fire. I wished I could get more than his voice, it was so dark.

“I might have to leave you here, please try to understand. The policemen are not cooperating.”

They want the driver and so many other things before they could attend to us, they wouldn’t give us a report. I’m sorry. I was only trying to help, they are already calling me the driver.”

He climbed into the vehicle and the day was bright again, I could see the sun streaming in through the opened boot and then someone else put his head in through the side window.

“Oh my God! They have ruined this girl. They have totally destroyed her.”

My eyes followed his gaze and I saw what was left of my left leg, the foot was hanging by some strings, and it looked so weird and scary without the heel.

South West 1: A True Tale of Family, Friends, Love and Loss

The man was about to leave and I grabbed his arm like a lifeline. “Please, don’t leave me. I beg you in the name of God, please don’t go.”

“I have no choice, if something happened to you, if your enemy should die now, these people would hang me for it.”

“No! I promise you, I WON’T DIE, not today. My father is a policeman, he is a good man. He would be grateful to you for trying to help me. My family won’t hold you responsible.”

“What if you die?”

“Die? No, I promise you, that is not going to happen. I shall hang on till we see my family.”

“Can you hear that? Her father is one of you. Are you going to keep watching her till she gives up?”

The conversation must have weakened me, for when I woke up again, the man was telling me a police officer had agreed to follow us.

“We will soon be at the hospital, “he said. But I didn’t care, the night was about to fall again.

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