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How Men Think Or Not

She quickly dressed up as fast as she could in her favourite dress. A simple knee length maroon gown.

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She was almost at the door when she remembered the proposal she spent all night working on.

This must be it, she thought as she slipped on her gold wedge sandal.

She had only worn it once, to the church for the new-year thanksgiving and now for him.

She flew out of the room and hurried to the main road to hail a cab.

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He was already seated at a table in the back and ordered orange juice when she got there.

“You are as gorgeous as ever,” he said by way of greeting as soon as he sighted her.

He scanned her face as if searching for some answers to some hidden quest.

She smiled nervously and placed her right hand in his outstretched palm. He looked as handsome as ever with very impressive eyes.

She loved his eyes, especially on her.
“Sit Love, Were you able to finish the proposal?”

She brought them out. “Here, all done.”

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He took them without taking his eyes off her face. Her chest hammered away as his eyes fanned her already flushed face.

She was so happy, her fear has been allayed. He felt the same way she pinched her right palm to prevent her face from betraying her thoughts.

She studied him silently as he went through the proposal.

He was all she has ever wanted in a man.

Charming, neat, humorous, and intelligent, he is not as tall as the man of her dreams or as successful, but he had almost everything else.

The rest can be managed or added along the line.
Wow! This is great. You are too good, angel. She beamed in response.

“Man, she is too perfect, intelligent and wify. She sure has them all.

Confidence, intelligence, ambition and wife materials are bad combo, he thought as he placed the proposal on the table.

He shook his head as if to wave the thoughts away.

How do you like the closing?
It’s perfect, just like you.

“God, girl, are you sure you are not falling in love with me?” He scanned her face again for that answer she couldn’t fathom.

Her heart skipped several beats she lost count.

He leaned closer to her, so close she could feel his warm breath on her lips.

She licked them, they were getting so dry. She scanned his face too after mustering enough courage.

“Would you like a drink first?” She nodded yes. Well, he said first, that means there is more.

The best is happening today, I can feel it. She pressed her eyes shut so hard to prevent herself from laughing out loud.

He left to get her a canned beverage. He resumed his previous position after placing her drink in the small space between them, leaning closer than before.

How Men Think Or Not – A Short Story

“Please, dont.”

” Don’t what?” She held her breath, waiting, anticipating.

“Whatever you do, don’t fall for me, please.”

Everything froze, even the air stilled as she couldn’t breathe; she felt suffocated and gasped for breath.

Those eight words snuffed out the all air in the eatery. She wanted to reach for the drink and gulp some, but her hands were too numb.

She swallowed hard and inhaled deeply to prevent her bruised pride from crawling out.

But instead of saying what was on her mind, she smiled as she couldn’t trust her voice to keep her secret.

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“I love you too much. I can’t date or marry someone I love. It would be bad and too distracting for my –ambition.”

“I–I need someone who wouldn’t– be too needy.”But instead he said, I cant be in a relationship with someone like you.

“We are too much alike, we will destroy each other.”

He wished so hard that he could tell her how much he loved her, but knowing how determined she was, she would never stop until she made him accept his true feelings.

” I would end up hurting you and you hating me. So, you cant love me, please.”

He hoped to hell he doesn’t sound as much of an asshole as he felt right now, but it’s better to hurt her with this truth than with a lie or break her heart.

She managed to dig up a smile,. “What makes you think I can ever fall in love with you? That’s absurd.”

She picked up her drink and gulped it to calm the storm in her stomach.

For the first time she realised how watery these so called canned drinks are, even chilled they don’t sate your thirst or justify their cost, or the risk to health.

“That’s because there is this glow in your eyes today. You look so—dazzling.”

Really?” She summoned every strength and acting spirit in her to help her through the next few minutes.

I know you love me; I can see it in you, but I wont push you. “Hmm about that, I have a date,” she blurted.

Before he could reply, she added. “A date, can you believe that? I’m going on a date.”

“A d–date?”
“Yeah. Gosh! I’m late already.”

She quickly grabbed her clutch and sprang to her feet before he could add something else or ask a question she wouldn’t be able to answer.

“Oh, okay. Will I see you tomorrow?”
“Yeah, sure. Like hell, she mumbled inwardly.

She walked as fast as her stiff legs allowed.

She sighed loudly as the security guy closed the door after her, wondering why men are so dumb, and the worst is they think women are the dumb ones.

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