I Shall Not Die 3 – A True Life Story

If you are joining us for the first time, this is the third part of the story or the third chapter of the book South West 1 “I Shall Not Die”.

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“We are here. Wake up, we are going to move you into the vehicle now.”

They did. And it was the most horrible thing I had ever felt in my life, at least for that moment.

I had no idea where I got the strength to scream that much.

The pain started from my waist and surged into my head and then they met again in my back simultaneously.

I was blinded by it at first and then I saw flashes of light and various colours.

My waist was on fire and my back was protesting, because someone was pouring hot oil on one of its members.

They carried me in through the boot of the vehicle.
I felt first then saw my left foot dangling as someone pulled me in.
“Don’t look I said to myself over and over again. “if you look you will not be able to endure it.”

But I did it anyway.

I Shall Not Die – 3 A True Life Story

The inside of the car was like a bed of gravel to my back.

Everywhere aches. Each breath I took was like hot razor scraping my side.

I would scream and groan at every bumps and pothole and there was a whole lot of them.

It was as if there was not a single smooth ride on the way to the hospital. I was in agony, but I had no tears, no fear.

I had forgotten how to be scared, I couldn’t cry.

I had just one goal. I had to see my family. The thought of them filled my head, my mind.

“Dear Lord if this is the end, forgive me all my sins, but grant me the grace to see my family before I leave.

That was my prayer as we journey to the hospital.

The man cradled my head on his laps. He would soothe me and assure me that the journey was almost at the end.

“Hang on, we are almost there, he said.

“What about about my friends?” I blurted out.

“Your friends? There was nobody with you. It was just you.”

“No, there were two people with me. My friends, we were walking together.”

“To where?”

“Right where?”

I had no idea, so I did not respond. I couldn’t remember. But I was sure there were two people with me.

So, I insisted like a petulant child. “My friends were with me, two guys.”

“Calm down, you are not in the condition to about anybody now. We are almost at the station and then we’ll go to the hospital.

“We are Not at the HOSPITAL? Oh I am going to die.”

There were two guys with me, my friends. What happened to them?”

“Just save your strength, we are almost there.”

I must sound crazy was my thought. He thought I was hallucinating or going crazy. Maybe I am.

Maybe this is all a bad dream and I would wake up and everything would be fine. I just need to calm down, truly.

His next question confirmed my fear.

“Where do you live? Do you remember your house?”

I did not answer, my only thought then was what had happened to my friends and why he thought I was not sane.

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