I Shall Not Die 2

I Shall Not Die 2: A True Life Story.

This is the second part of this series. You can read the first part here.

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A dark shape appeared above and blocked what little light I had left to see, and then it spoke.

Pele Aunty, sorry, what is your name?”

“Funmi. Please, help me. I raised my right hand, and he touched it.

“Calm down, I’ll help you. Your phone is dead. This is it” I couldn’t see anything. Do you know any number I can contact? I nodded.

“Okay”. I gave him my brother’s number. My dad was my first thought, but I could picture him falling apart. He would first rush to the toilet and back. Then he would go again, maybe three times before making up his mind on what to do.

“The number is not available. I tried it twice. Do you know another one?”

My tongue was getting heavier and harder to swallow. My throat was shutting down the passage to my voice box. I recited my dad’s number.

“Couldn’t he just get me out of here first before calling a family meeting?”

His voice broke into my thought. “Hello, omo yin Funmi, your daughter had been hit by a vehicle at Ojoo. Can you hear me? Hello, he cut the line. I can’t reconnect with him.”

“I’ll give you another one, my mother’s.” And I did.

 “Hello, your daughter has been hit by a vehicle. Yes, she was in an accident. We are taking her to UCH now, join us there. Hello, hello, she is not responding. The line is on but she is not talking.”

“My sisters, I know my sisters’ lines too.” He called them both but they all disconnected at the mention of UCH.

“Do you know another one? Funmi, answer!

“Yes, yes— 0805—5—” it was becoming awfully difficult to speak, to think. I couldn’t remember. The number was in there somewhere, my brother-in-law’s but I couldn’t remember.

Everything was dark and hot like my head. It was too dark to see anything. I couldn’t see the rest of the number. My mind was being wrapped in a thick blanket.

I Shall Not Die 2 : A True Life Story

“Hello”, his voice hauled me back from the deep dark hole. “Someone has called back, I think it’s your father. “—ehn, meet us at UCH, your daughter had been hit by a vehicle. Yes, we are going there now.”

“I told you to calm down, I have contacted your father, he would join us at the hospital. I’m going to get a taxi now. My own broke down, but my friend is near. I’ll just call him. I’ll be back.”

I wanted to tell him not to leave me but I couldn’t see anything. So, I closed my eyes maybe the dream would fade and when I opened them I’ll be home in my bed.  

My waist kept burning, and the warm thing kept trickling.

I remember the man’s voice. Was I hit? But how? Where was I coming from? And where am I? Why can’t I remember? Did he say Ojoo? Okay, I was going to school, to UI for a lecture walking with my friends? My friends, where are they? Were they hit too? I have to ask him.”

When did I leave home? My head was too clouded to process anything. And the warm fluid wouldn’t stop trickling between my legs.

“My legs! Why can’t I move or feel my left leg?”

Then another realisation set in, the heat was coming from my leg. It was in my left leg. Now, I wanted the dream to stop. The chill was overpowering me. I was becoming the chill.

But I have to be strong, I just knew it. It was all I had to do, all I could do even as the bright light was being swallowed by darkness just like I was being swallowed by the chill.

To be Continued in I Shall Not Die 3

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  1. I’ve read the first part. Tis part is terrific too. Will be back for the third part.

  2. What a scary time for everyone involved, each in their own role. I consider it a blessing that God shuts down our brain when trauma like this happens. It allows us to survive better and get through those moments. Can’t wait to hear the next part.

  3. it’s really killing me i mean this is really very heart touching and deep indeed…just can’t wait for it’s 3 part..

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