It’s My Birthday: A Toast To 40 Years

It’s my birthday today! I had made a lot of plans for today. But due to restrictions on movement and social distancing, I can’t do much.

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My birthday was just a remembrance of my arrival into the world until 2012,

I was always grateful to be alive but it never went farther than that.

However, April 2012 made it more than just a birthday.

I woke up to a brand new world that day. I opened my eyes when they were wheeling me into the theatre.

They lifted me onto the bed, propped up on two pillows, and supported by a doctor and one anaesthetist when we got into the theatre.

“Do you remember what happened?” I was not sure, so I didn’t say anything.

“You were in an accident, you were hit by a truck. You should see your leg before we proceed into surgery. We want you to see, okay”.

I nodded.

But I couldn’t sit. My head kept wobbling and my back refused to cooperate.

When I finally looked down and saw my leg or what was left of it, I was forced out of my drugged state.

It was horrible, although it didn’t register much then.

I couldn’t eat meat for two years. My heel was almost ripped off. I could see the bones in the openings where the flesh were torn off, ragged.

I woke up two days later. And got home four months later a brand new person with a brand new life.

And so I was reborn again on my birthday

Since then I started celebrating my Birth and Rebirth on my birthday.

A Toast To 40 Years

Because I got a new life, a second chance to live again, to try again to be better than I used to be.

Not everyone gets the chance to die and come back to life twice on the same day they were born.

So, I want you to celebrate with me again this year, my birth and rebirth.

I live to see my 40th birthday, not because I am worthy or better but because of His mercies.

I wanted to celebrate with my friends. Then I realised to be grateful, happy, thankful and sharing my story is more.

If I can inspire, motivate or uplift someone then this day would be complete. And I will be happier.

It’s my Birthday

I walked through the valley of the shadow of death, through fire and He brought me out stronger, and better.

Today, I pray for all who are in agony, distressed, depressed or their loved ones, may the Lord soothe your pain.

May He bring you out of all that bring tears to your eyes. And make you better, and stronger. So you can rise and tell the story of how you overcome.

If my story has touched or blessed you in any way, don’t forget to share.

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  1. Wow! What an incredible thing to live through. Thank you for sharing it with the world. What a blessing every day we are given is. Thanks for this reminder!

  2. Happy Birthday to you! I do hope you will be able to enjoy it and celebrate it in the best way! Wishing you all the best. 40 is just the beginning

  3. Tears welled up in my eyes right now! To read through the story of your rebirth and also very privileged to be one of your childhood friend. We take so many things for granted in life and we wallow about mundane things of this world. Not everyone actually get a second chance but I am delighted by your story and it has helped me to infer more into the blessing of the Lord rather than blessings. Happy 40th babe 😘!

  4. Happy birthday and Rebirth to you dear,,at that ore you are still BEAUTIFULLY and WONDERFULLY MADE.OKAY

  5. Happy Birthday and we are delighted that you shared it with us so that we can delight in your celebration.

  6. Wow I can relate to your pain. I was in a car accident too and it change my life so yes it is a blessing to see each and every birthday

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