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This Too Shall Come To Pass


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This too shall come to pass. The pandemic, COVID-19 along with the pain, affliction, anxiety, isolation it brought along with it. They will all come to pass.

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They will be forgotten and become things of the past because nothing last forever. Every beginning must have an end.

Samuel Ayobami Ogunsola wrote a poem to encourage and remind us in this dark times, that this too shall pass. We shall overcome it together like we always do.

This Too Shall Come To Pass (A COVID-19 Poem)

The heart is crumbling
The soul is weeping
Death rate is rising Over human race
People brimmed with fear
Sorrows and tears
The deceased weep on
For their sorrowful death

I slept at night
I woke at dawn to find the virus at my door step
Without a thought
I banged my door
It is here
It has spread from China to France, Italy,
The United states
Now it has landed in my Mother land

Without a travel ticket
It has traveled across the globe in planes and boats.

But it only came for a visit
It has not come to stay
It only stays when you welcome it
Shut all windows
Shut all doors
Leave no openings
Do not let it into yours homes
And it will leave on his own

Just as influenza, bubonic(The Black Death)
and Ebola came for a visit but now they had crawled back into their caves
For they are not allowed to stay with us
We fought them bravely
We overcame
We won the battle against the viral diseases that came to destroy our race

Let's not loose hope
Hold on to your faith
Covid-19 has not come to stay
Just like the others
This too shall come to pass

Written by

Samuel Ayobami Ogunsola

Stay at home; Stay safe

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  1. Challenges are inevitable. They are what makes us stronger. However, we only become stronger when we face it with the right attitude. I have the same philosophy in life – “This too shall pass”. As you eloquently put it on your poem, covid-19 is a challenge, it is deadly. But, it will also pass.

    1. Love this btw:
      “They will be forgotten and become things of the past because nothing last forever. Every beginning must have an end.”

  2. Amazing poem, very well written. Yes I completely agree, this too shall pass and we will all emerge a lot stronger.

  3. I love it! The arts are more important now than they’ve ever been. Poetry like this is what brings us together.

  4. This lockdown may seem like a long time but this pandemic shall soon pass, assuming we are still alive.

  5. I wrote a poem at 2:30 am this morning but I still need to make edits. Not sure if I have the courage to share it.

  6. This is an interesting approach to the pandemic. I haven’t seen anyone writing a poem about it before.

  7. What a lovely poem about the current events we are in. I believe that this too shall come to pass. This is only temporary.

  8. It is the perfect time to reconnect with yourself. Everything will get better and like you say “This too shall come to pass”

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