Top 5 Ways To Overcome Writer’s Block

Graham Greene called writer’s block a “Creative Blockage” one that prevented him from seeing the development of a story, or even at times, its start.

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What is Writer’s Block?

Writer's block is a state of total lack of creative sense. It is like utter emptiness or blackness in a writer's mind. Click To Tweet

Your well of creativity is completely dry, your head becomes a deep dark pitch of nothingness.

You can’t come up with an idea or even a title. You have all this nameless or faceless people running about on your mind. But you can’t do anything with them.

For me, sometimes I have an idea but I can’t come up with a start or a middle. And sometimes it is the absence of everything.

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I have been suffering from writer’s block for a while now. It is frustrating, annoying and paralysing.

It’s as if I forgot how to use my limbs or that I ever had them. If you have ever experienced it before, you would understand.

When I read some of the poems I wrote years back and some of my other works, I wondered if I actually wrote them. They are so strange because now I can’t write anything close.

So, what are the causes of Writer’s Block?

Any number of things could bring it on, this can be physical, mental or psychological.

It could arise from anxiety, depression, personal problem, trauma, solitude, judgement or criticism, hopelessness, solitude, overanalysing, stress or even a person.

Sometimes when you have written works or years of writing behind you, keeping up with your own standard becomes a burden that could bring on a block.

You kill your ideas before you begin or while at it because you decided they’re not good enough. Frustration sets in and you are blocked.

How Long Does It Last?

It can last anytime from hours to weeks, months, or years. And sometimes it depends on the writer or the actual cause of his creative blockage.

How Can You Overcome Writer’s Block?

Top 5 Wats To Overcome Writer's Block
How To Overcome Writer’s Block

Don’t Stop Writing: The mistake I made was I stopped writing. At first, I wanted to write more by all means. I wanted to be able to write like I used to. When I couldn’t, I was frustrated. So, I stopped.

Writing is like a muscle that needs to be flexed. When muscles are not used your body interpreted that they are not important.

So, your body stops supporting them and giving them energy. They shrink. The same happens to a writer who stops writing.

Write anything that comes to your mind, anything you see, what you are feeling or maybe what someone beside you is going through. Just write, eventually, a good idea will come up.

Get Personal: This is what I did and still doing. I get personal. I started writing about me. My creative blockage came as a result of PTSD- trauma, depression and, anxiety.

I have been writing about it all, my story, my scars, my life after the trauma. The good, the bad and the ugly.

And the in-between too, there are lots of stories, experiences, healing, friendship, loyalty, betrayal, hope, hopelessness and more.

While at it, go out more, see people, socialise, go to parties, do things that you don’t do before. Breathe, walk, feel, be happy.

There are so many people who can learn from those things that made you, you and the ones that remoulded you. Write about them!

Write Reviews: Write reviews of books, novels, plays. You can do the same for products, ones you have used or love. You can write them in form of recommendations or even critics.

Write About Your Passion: You can write about something you love or someone. And it could be something you used to love, show why you stopped loving them and how that makes you feel.

It could be a hobby too, travelling, hiking, painting; they could lead to the beginning of a great story.

Listen to Motivational Speech: This here is to listen to them, not read them. Do it outdoors if possible with your earpiece. Have a writing pad and pen with you.

This is because I’m positive you will definitely gain a lot. It will trigger something in your head and ideas will spill out.

It has happened to the best of all and they overcame it. You will surely do too. Don’t stop writing.

Have you ever experienced Writer’s Block Before? How did you overcome it? Leave your response in the comment section.

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  1. I am going through some major writers block right now. I am writing book reviews which I really love but I dont feel motivated like I normally do. I am going to try and connect with my passion like you mentioned. I hope that helps me.

    1. Great post! My last writer’s block lasted a year after I set up my blog. ๐Ÿ˜„ I’m only now slowly getting back at it so this article will come of great help. Thanks!

  2. I’ve been going through writers block as well! Life’s been a little crazy so I haven’t been able to collect my thoughts but I’m going to use the craziness to write.

  3. No matter how much one can deny it, writer’s block is reality and getting out of it is not an easy task. I appreciate your blog on the same and agree that one should not stop writing no matter what happens.

  4. Love these ideas! Itโ€™s hard for my blog- sometimes I have so many ideas and other times I feel stuck!

  5. I may possibly be suffering from writer’s block right now, but I’ll take on your tips in this post. Thanks so much for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Every writer has certainly been there. Thanks for sharing your experience so candidly! I love this depiction “writerโ€™s block is a state of total lack of creative sense”.

  7. I have been on that stage before. But the worst thing I did was stopped writing. If I found these tips before I could have been escaped from that stage earlier.

  8. I am just coming out of having writers block. I found changing genres did help. I also think now that I am out of the block I need to write more to strengthen my writing muscles. I love that analogy! I train teachers in reading and language art curriculum and many struggle teaching children how to write. I have always stressed the importance of writing everyday. I love your analogy and will be passing it along!

  9. What great tips on overcoming writers block. I don’t have it often but it does happen. I remember these tips when it does happen.

  10. Writers block is honestly the worst! These are some great tips to help get over writers block. I like reading relevant articles when I have need inspiration.

  11. Sometimes I encounter some mental blocks while I’m writing when I feel worried about my topic and also my wordings. Great tips on overcoming writerโ€™s block. It would help a lot for writers!

  12. awesome tips! sending it to my hubby who is a writer. no block now but who knows what’s next

  13. Ugh writer’s block is such a pain! I always try to walk away, go do something else or brainstorm on a sheet of paper away from my computer.

  14. Great tips on writers block. I found creating an outline really helps. Keyword research to help with choosing a title. Also by reading competitive articles and researching can really help with coming up with good topics. I agree sticking with something that your passionate about really makes a difference. Thanks for sharing these great tips! I will definatley be keeping these in mind.

  15. I have never done such a thing even though I love reading and writing infinitely, but it would be an idea to prevent ideas and thoughts from running away.

  16. I have only experienced writer’s block once or twice, and it only lasted hours. Mind you, I’ve only been writing for a year or so. Ha! Going to pin this just in case it happens again. Good advice here.

  17. I have experienced writer’s block before, I had look back atthe poems I wrote 10 years back and wonder how, then I started being deliberate, I scrapped the slightest thought or lines on papers, I wrote short stories and I’m joyfully finding my feet in the writing word again

  18. I had look back at the poems I wrote 10 years back and wondered how I wrote them, then I started being deliberate, I scrapped the slightest thought or lines on papers, I wrote short stories, then I listened and read from people in my line of passion,and I’m joyfully finding my feet in the writing word again

  19. Nice article. When my depression deepens I face it with work related writing. Even after doing all research I found myself unable to write. It happened a few months ago again.

    1. Honestly, it’s hard to write when battling with depression. The void is indescribable.
      Maybe you can try writing how being depressed feels like or how it makes you feel. It doesn’t have to be lengthy. Wishing you speedy recovery.
      Cheers ๐Ÿ˜Š

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