“I Believe In Me,” Say It Until You Believe

I believe in me. Think it, mutter it, say it to yourself every day, over and over again until you believe it, and start living it.

The worst thing that can happen to you is to lose faith in yourself.
Don’t ever lose faith in you, in your abilities, your purpose, your goals, don’t lose faith in your dreams. They make you, YOU. Believe in you, You are all you’ve got.

For a while, I lost faith in myself, in everything I stood for, my principles, my belief, my hobbies, even in myself as a woman.

I could no longer see any good in all I’ve ever done, in my way of living. I would ask myself what I’d ever gained or benefited in doing things the way I used to.

Everything I had ever done, I started questioning them. I no longer believed in my judgment or wisdom.

So, I decided to change my ways, I started doing things in the exact opposite of what I used to believe to be right. I thought if I were so right before, I wouldn’t end up here now.

When I was done slaughtering everything I once stood for I was left with nothing but doubts, guilts, regrets, low self esteem and depression.

I became so insufficient and needy that I couldn’t decide the right cloth to wear without consulting someone else if it is appropriate for me.

I would ask over and over again to be sure I was doing the right thing. I became so fearful of making choices for myself because I no longer believed in me. That I am capable of being myself.

I started stumbling through life, looking up to someone else for guidance, for approval, doing only the things that would make them happy and accepting.

I would in turn take whatever I get because I have made myself believe, it was what I deserved or I should be grateful to even get what’s offered.

When you lose faith in yourself and no longer believe in your potentials and purpose, you have lost everything that makes you, you. You have lost yourself.

However, you cannot afford to lose faith in yourself. Do not doubt who you were because you can’t do anything about the past, or who you are, because you need it, that is, the present, to focus on who you are going to be.

You have come this far, believe you have the strength it takes to see it through, and you will.

“I believe in me.” Say it again, and again, then go out there and be the best you are meant to be.

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  1. I love how motivational and inspirational your posts are! It can be so hard to believe in ourself but we really need to!

  2. We are our own biggest critics, aren’t we? What made you start doubting yourself and how did you climb out the hole of self-doubt?

    1. Yes, we are!
      And I should be my own biggest cheer or fan but I’m the opposite.
      I think it started when I developed anxiety problems from PTSD. I was terrified of everything. When I got over that, the doubt stayed on.
      How did I climb out? I gave myself reasons to. Reasons to be better than I was. Then I sat myself down one day and made a list of all my good side, all that I have accomplished. And that was the first step.

  3. Yes! I think the need for approval is at an all time high as we live in a world where people have the ability to create misconceptions of perfection. With photo editing and social media, people can show what they want and hide the imperfections that make us human. The inspiration that has been delivered here is remarkable! Don’t ever underestimate the power of daily, positive affirmations 🙂

  4. Great article. My endometriosis makes me feel so fragile, and sometimes I really loose faith in myself. Because I have so many bad days that make me not able to work, or create….But your article is a great example how we should fight against our fears and stay motivated.
    I believe in me 🙂

  5. Another positive post! Thank you! I think everyone can do with an occasional (or frequent!) reminder to believe in themselves. If you don’t, how can you expect anyone else to?!?

  6. This is so very important for everyone. I think many people do look to others for guidance or approval of things, as you mentioned, and it is hard to take a step forward and believe you are making the right choice, but once you do, it is really amazing.

  7. Great post! I remember the feeling of not believing in myself and it was one of the worst moments of my life. As soon as I started to love myself again, I started to believe in myself as well.

  8. you can say that again! we should start believing in ourselves, it is a key to being the best!

  9. Wow, this is such a perfect timing for me to read this post. I sometimes losing my faith and believe in myself most especially if I made a wrong decisions but thank you for this it’s enlighten me and inspires me not to stop believing on myself.

  10. Our brains definitely need convincing lots of the time, as lots of what we think isn’t even true in the first place! Thanks for the reminder!

  11. This will be my new daily mantra. I will say this repeatedly every morning after saying my prayers. This is such a big boost for my confidence. Thank you.

  12. Even though I am quite a confident person,it’s nice reading post like this. I love the motivation amd positivity that you’ve shared.

  13. Understanding that you are enough is key. Many people feel the need to be other people or feel that they aren’t capable enough whereas they really are but haven’t been able to grasp it. It’s only when you understand your worth that you can believe in yourself. Good thing you’ve realized that.

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