Where Do Our Dreams Go?

Where do our dreams go? Who knows? I wrote this poem in 2016 when I was feeling reflective about life generally, especially when we were younger.

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We dream, we set goals, we make plans. But do our dreams always become real?

It was easier when we were younger. It was easier to just dream, make plans and set goals with our peers or alone. It was my escape when I was younger.

I would pretend to be asleep and just think of a life better than the one I had then. The kind of life I would have when I grow up. My dreams.

Where Do Our Dreams Go?

I had a lot of dreams while growing up. I wanted to be so many things. I am not any of the things I dreamt I wanted to be now.

I can’t but wonder if the plans and dreams we have for our lives don’t matter at all. If life just dish out what it desires to us not minding what we want.

Where Do Our Dreams Go? I had dreamt
Life would be all sweet and colourful
A little challenge here, a little grief there
They keep the journey real and meaningful
I had prepared to be strong
Rise above all hurdles
Ignore all hassles
Who knows what happened to that dream?
‘Cos it’s farther than it seems
So far I can’t catch a glimpse

I’ve never really been happy
Not as I dreamt
I’ve had more grief than joy
Not what I saw
I’ve not attained all I’d imagined
Not as I thought
All I desire is a life so simple
Maybe not as simple as it sounds
All I have is not as I dreamt
All I am is not as I thought
Now, I’m dreaming I might deserve
Nothing more than I am
Only I’ve got more than I deserve

Who knows what happened to my dreams?
I wonder where our dreams go

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  1. What a beautiful and thought provoking poem! It really is interesting to think about dreams we had as a child versus dreams we have now. Mine have changed so much.

  2. This poem was really well thought out and written. I enjoyed reading it and it also caused me to think about dreams. Thank you for sharing so openly!

  3. Our dreams do take us places. I truly love how you created a poem with such realism and deconstruction which is extremely interpretive and expressive. You just gave me an idea.

  4. Of course dream come true if you are working towards achieving them. Sure, our dreams now differ from the ones we had when we were younger, but as we grow we get wiser, and once we achieve a dream, we start dreaming at another.

  5. What a beautiful contemplation of the ebb and flow of life. The way dreams shape us, and how the moments of ebb make the journey more real and meaningful. Thanks for the lovely moment of reflection.

  6. Beautiful poem and such an interesting concept to think about. You have me thinking now about all the dreams in my past.

  7. A lot of the dreams we have they never happen because there is work required in order for dreams to happen. I think this is why people are not happy because of that. Nothing in life comes easy but very rewarding once you reach the top.

  8. I had so many dreams as a child, some that I’d forgotten about until I read this and thought about them. Very thought provoking.

  9. This is a beautiful poem. I enjoyed reading it. I had so many dreams. Some have already been came true and some are still in the process.

  10. This is such an interesting poem! You did a really great job writing it. I’ve never thought about dreams like this before, but it definitely got me thinking. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Life happens and thus, dreams keep on leaving – that is they keep on changing. Very thought provoking post! πŸ™‚

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