10 Things I’m Thankful for This Year

I am thankful for this year, it has been a very challenging one. Although, sometimes it is difficult to see the good things in our lives when we have had to deal with so many unfortunate events. But one lesson I have learnt is, bad times make us prayerful and hopeful for good days.

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The following are some of the reasons I am thankful for this year, see if there is anything you can relate to.

  • I am thankful to God for the gift of life, His mercies, favour, blessings, and comfort. He has always been my best friend and comfort. Without Him I am nothing; without Him i wouldn’t be here. I am alive because He wanted me to be. I owe Him all I am, my whole life.
  • I am thankful for my son. He is my hero. I call him my Token for good. Before I had him, my Mai prayer was for God to give me a token for good. I felt He owed me that much after everything I had been through. And He gave him to me. Whenever I want to give up, he’s always saving me. He gave me something to live for.
  • I am thankful for family. I thank God for my parents and my siblings. They are the best anyone could ask for. They are always there for me even at my worst moments, when I was mean to them they remained glued to my side, never complain or get tired. They saw me through the crazy moments. After I had my baby, I was overwhelmed, drowning, they were my lifeline.
  • I am thankful for my friends. I have been blessed with good people, thoughtful, selfless friends who think farther than I do. Your words of comfort, encouragement, prayers, tolerance, and assistance even when I’m too shy to ask for help make life easier than I could ever hope or wish for. Thank you all for being my Angels on earth.
  • I am thankful for my emotions. They were intense, suffocating, frustrating, and choking. I was determined to get better, make things work and maintain normalcy. There are days i wished someone would take things off my hands, fix them, get rid of them or just hold onto them for a while. I turned to God for help, He taught me to ask Him for peace. And helped me to see these emotions are a bigger part of me. They have helped me to rediscover myself. They reminded me of how strong I am and how stronger i can be. Although, there are times even I wonder if I’m losing it. I started asking myself who I was be for all these. But my emotions, though intense have reminded me that they are part of me and I control them.

  • I am thankful for my job this year more than I have ever be. I looked back and realized how God already planned ahead to make sure I never lack. If I hadn’t got it then, I wonder how I would survive. Who would employ me? I’m thankful He gave me job before my accident to take care of myself and my son.
  • I am thankful for a the lessons I have learned this year, the experiences and all. I learn a lot. I really see myself and appreciate the life I was given back more than ever. After I had accepted my life as it is, I used believe I should be grateful for what I have, whatever I can get and never ask for more. This year opened my eyes to question that decision. I asked myself why i was living the way I was.

Other than that I felt I deserve whatever I happening to me, I couldn’t think of any other reasons. So, i felt ungrateful for how i had been living the second chance God gave me. He saved me because He knew I was worth saving, He knew I could be more, do more. This year reminds me I wasn’t living up to His expectations. So, I am thankful for the eye opener.

  • I am thankful for the gift of fresh air and water. These two natural blessings are the best medicine for me. I breathe in and out when I’m gripped with fear and anxiety or enraged with anger. I run a cold bathe when I can’t sleep. I pour cold water on my right foot to calm the itch and throbbing on my missing left foot.
  • I am thankful for cell phones and the internet. They might seem evil but they have lots of good. Because of them I have been able to so things I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish otherwise. I made good good friends, I found love and I can remain connected to the people I love.
  • I am thankful that I am thankful. Sometimes, we feel we have no reason to be thankful. It is easy to become overwhelmed and distressed with all the troubles we have to deal with. It takes grace and strength to see beyond our present sufferings and be hopeful for brighter days or be thankful do the things we have and the ones we can still have. Be thankful for the strength to be thankful.

Look back and within and comment with the things you are thankful for while you look forward to the ones you will receive next year.

Happy new year in advance, folks. Wishing you a joyous 2020.

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  1. I’m glad you were able to see the good in the year instead of just the bad. It’s so easy to focus on the bad but it’s so important to remember everything good too.

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