You Have All You Need To Be You

Hello you,

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Thank you for visiting my blog today. I am so happy you are here. I just want to tell you that you are awesome. You’re doing great and you’re more than enough.

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You have a purpose and you are doing all you can to achieve it. You have everything you need to be who you are meant to be. You got it together, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

You have all you need to be you

Things might not look so great right now. It may seem as if you are not doing enough or that you’re not enough. But that’s just what they are, “seems” “might not”, they just seem but not so. You are getting there and you will.

It doesn’t matter if people think what you are doing doesn’t matter, or if you think so sometimes.

It matters to you, that’s why you started on it. You matter, that’s all that matters.

There is so much to you that you don’t know yet. There are so many things you can do, so much you can achieve that you have not explored yet.

You are a packaged deal with all you need to fulfill your purpose here. And they will soon unfold to you.

Just keep doing what you love, keep going, keep hoping, keep working hard and one day you will get there.

You have all you need to be you
You’re doing great and you’re more than enough.

Remember, you are important, you matter, you are great; you are here and you will get there.

You are all you need, you have all you need.

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  1. Exactly what I needed! Some days are so exhausting, and hearing words of encouragement motivate me to keep on keeping on! THANK YOU!

  2. I love the tone and spirit of your posts. Too many people feel alone with these types of feelings and you’re giving them a safe place to air them and find a community.

  3. Very true. We already have all the weapons to be ourselves at our best, we just need to know and learn them.

  4. Such an uplifting and positive blog!! Nice reminders!! I had my almost teen daughter read it!! Thank you for uplifting women!!

  5. So much inspiration! We all need to remember that we are God’s perfect creatures. And it is so true that we’ve been given all that we need to follow our path and be our best possible selves.

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