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Nothing Left

Nothing left in my heart
Save the pounding
That I cannot drown
In the deep of the night
Nothing left on my lips
Save the humming of the whips
As they collide with my skin
Singing of their stings
Nothing left to remember
Save the stench of the others
Clinging to your skin
As you whirl by
Nothing left in my heart
Save the promise of forever
Victim of still birth
Smothered by treachery
Nothing left on my mind
Save the forgotten songs
Of the ties that bind
Awaiting next ill-fated pair
Nothing left of our love
Save the closed void
Where you once lived
Scarred by voidness
Nothing left of our passion
Save the hollow ache
Of unfulfilled longing
Fading with time
Nothing left in my heart
Save the stillness of the flutters
And the echoes
Of your departing feet
(Thanks to K. O J for the picture)

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One Comment

  1. Deeply hurting and filled with so much remorse, pain and sorrow…increasing with a heaviness as the lines progress, that one is forced to lament and ask…”why is there so much grief in this existence?”

    1. Such is love and life too. We just pray for a big heart and open mind to understand that it’s life and these things can’t but happen.
      Thanks so much for visiting, reading and especially for the comment. Very deep.

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