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My Siblings and I

funny and exciting they are
daughters of my mother
you can love them
without liking them
there are days when –
you just want to kill them
but hug them instead
they chew on your pens
draw on your favourite books
drool on your bed
tear your room apart
and squeal on you
you may argue all day
and fight all the time
so much you wish
you were an only child
you don’t have to like them
but you love them
when your days are longer
than your nights are
they are there with you
when your friends and lovers
turn their backs on you
they accept you
grief and laugh together
with them, no pretence
they know you
like the back of your hands
they are your pigeon
they may not like you
but they love you
sometimes, they are farther from you
but closer than your jugular
they watch from afar
but their hearts are right with you
waiting, for the right time
to see you through
to pull you through
they are my friends
I do not have to like them
but I do love them
To my siblinngs….love you

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