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Olufunke ~A Gift for Keeps

(NaPoWriMo Day 12)
This is a poem written by a very good friend of mine. It talks about the meaning in a name this one is about my name(Olufunke). I’m sharing it here because it’s also my day and a very special one.
I feel so rich to be so blessed by such wonderful friends and great family. They made it so easy. Love you all.
A gift given for keeps
A treasure uncommon
In care given
To watch her grow
A life of gold
A plate of bronze
A mirror unbroken
Smashed yet reflect
A rare gift of time
A huge space for season
Yet her in search
A gift given for keeps
This poem “Birthday” is dedicated to me by a friend for my day today.
I’m really honoured to be so blessed
New minutes and Hour!
New days and new week!
Before life understand!
It have added together with sand!
Some life has been ground!
Ye they have been bound!
Now plus with new month!
General party is to celebrate Jan 1!
Some generation were full of tears!
Yes your beauty fade not!
Lo your health stagnant not,
Now they came to addition,
To compose you new generation!
The answer is = NEW YEAR!
Here you are not with tears!
If angry crowded you like shell,
Let it be past and start count new cash,
Look at your back like owl,
You will see how small life is,
Like that little mustard seed!
Be glad and rejoice today,
For you more than conqueror’s,
Here’s that forbidden Prince’s to say,
Happy Birthday To Acient Queen’s world.
By: Tanimowo Gbenga,
Glory Adore,
© 2014.

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