My Tattoo, My Triumph

(NaPoWriMo14 Day 11)
The battle between good and evil
Between life and death
From the consumption of the fruit
To the birth of its seeds
Pain and sorrow
The siblings of death
Angels of the night
Sneaking up on my soul
Like the cowards that you are
Never whisper or whistle
Feeding on my body
Leaving behind these tattoos
With your hatchet and hoe
Hacking down my tree
Limb by limb
Bit by bit
Cutting deep into my soul
I am the prey
I am your victim
I am the slave
Of fate and chance
You are the warrior
I am the shepherd
Beating you at your game
I am stronger than you
Your lesson my weapon
Happiness my helmet
Patience and perseverance
My sword and shield
Love my compass
Guiding me through the night
I am a conqueror
These tattos you left behind
My seal of championship
And on my parched lips
The tale of my triumph

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