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Bathing in the glorious light of a new day
the fresh breath of the morning breeze
caressing my face
as the pale lemon light of dawn
consumed the darkness of the
previous night, like our first kiss
consumed the darkness
that ruled my life.
Every time we kiss,
the sky lights up,
my blood throbs in my vein
passion burns within me
with just a look in your eyes
my heart beats fast at your touch
like the wings on a racing horse
your warm breath on my neck
ignites me, making my water flow
ears roaring like seawaves
head swelling
heart pumping
so much blood I want to explode
no dishonesty
no secrecy
just pure ecstasy
of fantasy
brought to reality
I want to run from this feeling
feeling like no other
want to run to the top of the hill
the sun and the clouds above me
shout to the whole world
of my love for you
but even love is not enough
to express this burning
killing me ever so softly
but no matter how much I run,
I’m still in the same spot
transfixed by the magical glow
of your eyes.

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