Through the Belly Button

Curled up in my little chamber
My thumb stuck in my mouth
Bored sore with nothing new to see
Mine eyes wandered around
And finally rested on a little hole,
“How come I’ve never seen this before?”
I moved closer, just to sneak a peak
He looks so tall with a worried look
An untouched dish, a lean and pale hand
A swollen foot, placed heavily on a stool
Then I heard that sound
That I have come to know
He was holding a bowl
And she was throwing up into it
With his other hand
He patted her back.
I long to hold her hands
Put my head on her chest
Tell her it would be alright
That the morning sickness
would soon be over
That her retching can cause
me no harm
That it’s okay to cry sometimes
It doesn’t mean I would be born
with red swollen eyes
Tell my father, that he is
Doing all his best
And she knows it too
It’s just her hormones
working overtime
And to both of you
When you finally get to know me
All your worries and troubles,
Your sleeplessness and restlessness
will be forgotten
For this bundle of joy
Is yours forever.
(c) 2013 Olufunke Kolapo

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