Wind Of Life

The dancing chandelier
The rustling curtain
The humming through the trees
The howling wilderness
Heralding the presence of the wind
Sometimes it comes softly, slowly
blowing towards us a gentleman
bringing a sweet calm to the soul.
Other times a low whistle
the trees swinging to its rhythm.
We are the leaves, swaying and swirling.
Life is but a challenge we must face,
we sing to calm our troubled souls
just to ease the pain and sorrow
it brings along.
When it blows against us
a fiery whirlwind
a howling wilderness
twirling us violently in its anger.
Some hold their faith for support
others their footings to find,
firmly on the rock they thought.
They are the prey,
the not so lucky, dragged
along in its fury
not a sign to sight,
nor a trace to tell of its passing,
like a sailing ship across the wave.
But the wind-blown
who find pleasure in not knowing
where they are going,
but in the unfolding of their wings
follow where it leads them.
And sometimes a fiery tempest,
hauling challenges at you in all direction
tugging and pulling at your strongholds,
uprooting your sanctuary
With its roars
Your world its battleground
Our lives and loved ones its casualties
Clearly it has come for you
Like it came for me.
Our days become longer,
and our lives shorter.
Only those firmly rooted can stand,
those favoured by the gods and nature.
Only the fits survive its anger
The wind of life
Sometimes towards us
Sometimes against us
You can have not one without the other
Such wistful thinking comes not cheap,
else we’ll all be blissful
Your wind may come at morn,
or at noon
others at night.
Pity we do not get the grace
to choose the time,
the chance to prepare,
or the choice of weapon.
When it comes a calling,
I wish for you the strength to stand.
If your wind is against you now,
my prayers are with you
for the good wind,
the strength to stand and survive,
and a long life to enjoy the other.
I got my share of the wind,
the wind of life.
Now I pray for the other,
the good wind.
By- Olufunke Kolapo

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