Echoes of Love

(NaPoWrimo14 Day 15)
I swore I’d never walk this path
At the last minute
I was bade to come forward
By the light of your love
As days turned into nights
It gets dimmer with the distance
Dim and dimmer, then out
While at a crossroad
Your light a fading shadow
On a starless night
and dark moon
My way I cannot find
In the distance a church bell
The start of a new day
Like rain drops in a river
The tingling of love passed so soon
The tingling and ringing now over
Only their echoes linger

If Life Were Easy

If life were easy
I would walk this land barefoot
Just to feel these cold stones
On my cold dry foot
If life were easy
I would embrace the drizzle
Dance in it all day long
Feel its sweet wetness
On my milk pale skin
If life were easy
I would sit under the full moon
Chat all night with her occupant
About all my dreams
Were the clock to turn back its hands
If life were easy
I wouldn’t want you to know this life
Living my life in place of yours
Would spare you this hardship
And carry this burden alone
If life were easy
I would still wear these shoes
You, never try them on
I wouldn’t trade my life with yours
Would gladly wear this pain
If there is a chance it could be you
If life were easy
I would still want you in my life.
For you.

Empty Vessel

Switch off your glaring light
Oh ageless sun!
Spin no more on your axis
Oh mother earth!
My soul is lost in time
Her vessel mourns her transition
Why would you go on without me?
Stop! Stay! Proclaim my demise
* This poem is about my pain. I could write a whole book about it, but this will do for now. I feel like I merely exist to watch others live. It’s so painful. I keep blocking it out but I guessed I succeeded in blocking out everything, till there is nothing left. *

If I Could

I would travel back in time
To when we needed not a dime
But satisfy ourselves to the fuller
Without lifting but a finger
Would love to watch the first light
Swathe the first night
Sit under its glow till morn breaks
Listening to the songs of the birds
I would sit where the sun shines brighter
But much warmer
Where the heaven sends just the dew
Yet wets the plants when due
Wish I could live in that world
That had not sorrow as her word
Before the pain of the first birth
Or the agony of the first death
There I would see the woman made first
Before the taste of the forbidden fruit
Tell her of the outcome of their disobedience
And how it robbed my world of her peace
That lawlessness is the new law
Pain and sorrow are the spawn
Hunger, misery and war their allies
These friendly nature and elements now  foes
Death has stopped being scary
Hope is now being scary
Hoping only makes you a loner
TIll you can hope no longer
There I would stop the first evil forever
We would live in the first world ever
Death and his emissaries would have no sting
Love would reign supreme, the greatest king


His fragile heart was more than fond of
her comeliness
that his dreamy eyes caught
but that which was in his heart
he could speak not
for this love was not meant to be
such beauty was one desired
by men of great wealth
how would such a gem
spare him more than a passing glance
that would have been more than enough
for his aching heart
he longed everyday
waited for the right time
to bare his heart
and give his love
he waited, untill he could speak no more
without knowing how much
she secretly adored him
and had tenderly treasured the wish
that he would love her too