ORÍ (Inner Self)

      (NaPoWriMo14 Day 27)
I wait in silence as fate speaks.
His dictates and acts not my own.
Minding not my wait, I’m just in haste.
All Ori requested, I’m being thrown?
Life unfolds as it is written.
No dictates of destiny worries can alter.
While I make plans, it follows its patterns.
Hoping in his pouch are days brighter.
I wait in prayer for what tomorrow brings.
Laying ’em all at the feet of the Maker.
He sees tomorrow, He can heal my sorrow.
Hoping He makes do His promises to the letter.

My Siblings and I

funny and exciting they are
daughters of my mother
you can love them
without liking them
there are days when –
you just want to kill them
but hug them instead
they chew on your pens
draw on your favourite books
drool on your bed
tear your room apart
and squeal on you
you may argue all day
and fight all the time
so much you wish
you were an only child
you don’t have to like them
but you love them
when your days are longer
than your nights are
they are there with you
when your friends and lovers
turn their backs on you
they accept you
grief and laugh together
with them, no pretence
they know you
like the back of your hands
they are your pigeon
they may not like you
but they love you
sometimes, they are farther from you
but closer than your jugular
they watch from afar
but their hearts are right with you
waiting, for the right time
to see you through
to pull you through
they are my friends
I do not have to like them
but I do love them
To my siblinngs….love you

Strife of Voices

              (NaPoWriMo14 Day 24)
Another day of the sun is here
At birth for the strife of voices
The babies grow biggger and bigger
Wailing louder and louder
One over the other
In a strife to triumph over one another
One in songs of praise
The other in divine guidance
It’s like a battle between the two
Who makes the loudest noise
A dance of superiority
A war of mediocrity
I wonder who wins the banter
Undecided to rejoice
That it’s not of violence

As it is now of noise

Echoes of Love

(NaPoWrimo14 Day 15)
I swore I’d never walk this path
At the last minute
I was bade to come forward
By the light of your love
As days turned into nights
It gets dimmer with the distance
Dim and dimmer, then out
While at a crossroad
Your light a fading shadow
On a starless night
and dark moon
My way I cannot find
In the distance a church bell
The start of a new day
Like rain drops in a river
The tingling of love passed so soon
The tingling and ringing now over
Only their echoes linger

My Tattoo, My Triumph

(NaPoWriMo14 Day 11)
The battle between good and evil
Between life and death
From the consumption of the fruit
To the birth of its seeds
Pain and sorrow
The siblings of death
Angels of the night
Sneaking up on my soul
Like the cowards that you are
Never whisper or whistle
Feeding on my body
Leaving behind these tattoos
With your hatchet and hoe
Hacking down my tree
Limb by limb
Bit by bit
Cutting deep into my soul
I am the prey
I am your victim
I am the slave
Of fate and chance
You are the warrior
I am the shepherd
Beating you at your game
I am stronger than you
Your lesson my weapon
Happiness my helmet
Patience and perseverance
My sword and shield
Love my compass
Guiding me through the night
I am a conqueror
These tattos you left behind
My seal of championship
And on my parched lips
The tale of my triumph


(NaPoWriMo14 Day 10)
what I seek in life I found in you
the apex of my desire
being without you my greatest dread
you flow in me like a river current
I get tipsy, just thinking of you
passion flood through me
at the sound of your voice
I want to be with you
inside you
beside you
beneath you
take me away
and further away
to that land far away
where nothing else matters
where time and sun stand still