Be Wary of the Sympathisers

I know sympathisers mean well, they commiserate and comfort in time of misfortune or grief. But at times, one needs to be wary of them.

I feel this way because sometimes sympathisers do more harm than good. And their counsels can be more discouraging than elevating.

It took me a long time to actually understand the depth of my situation, maybe several weeks after I lost my limb.

Life didn’t even allow me to mourn the loss of my limb, my freedom. It made sure I had more to worry about than the actual loss of the limb itself, but my visitors, sympathisers opened my eyes.

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Every day for me was the same, there was no difference, the only difference was my dressing day, it was alternative. That means more agony and tears on one day than the rest.

Apart from that, nothing was different, it was the same thing, the same view, the same faces, the same sound. It was the only world I knew then, the world outside was dead to us.

So when I was not thinking of my pain, I was thinking of the next attack, the next dressing or the heart rending screams of another patient.

The first time I actually took a good look at my left leg was one of those days when the pain was not so intense, and it was not my dressing day.

One of the cleaners bumped into my bed as she was cleaning. I screamed. She apologised, I looked at her, she was an elderly woman. She apologised again and I nodded.

“You are always so quiet,” she said. I said nothing, I just kept staring at her.
“I hope you are not getting depressed?” I shook my head.

“My dear, don’t be despair, the Lord who made you will not let you suffer. He will fulfil His purpose in your life, huh? Don’t think too much about your condition, it is not the end of the world.”

“Don’t dwell on your inability to walk again or think when something happens and your mates are running, you might not be able to run, just concentrate on getting well. “

My face burned when the hot slap landed on my right cheeks. My eyes were burning with unshed tears. They were there but I couldnt make them drop. The rest of her words were lost to me.

There was a loud ringing in my head and strong odour of petrol mixed with engine oil filled my nostrils. My heart started constricting.

And then the tears started coming, I couldn’t stop them. There was everything i had not allowed myself to imagine laid bare before me.

For the first time I wept for something else other than agony. I wept for all I had lost, for all I would never have. I wept for my lost limb.

She just summarised what my life outside this walls would be like. It was the first time I thought of the world out there, my life after South West 1.

I wept for the injustice of it all, my life was not supposed to be like this. I had done everything right, worked hard, studied hard. I had been patient, satisfied with what I have.

It was unbearable. I was quiet all through the day, and I would cry when alone. and for the first time, I wanted to be alone, without my family, but even that was not possible.

When they finally left, I wept for the future I would never have, for all that had been torn from me.

And right there, in the middle of the night, my eyes boring hole into my only view, the tall white ceiling, I refused to allow the present to be my end.

I decided to make it my new beginning. I decided to forget about all my past dreams, life, and make new ones.

But first, I decided to stop heeding to all sermons, pity, sympathisers, well wishers and their counsels.
I stopped paying attention to their suggestions I decided to heal my own way.

I stopped paying attention to all tales of woes, of suffering of people who died in accident, of those who had it worse than I did, or who had it better.

I shut them all out. I told my family to stop letting in people who came wearing sorrowful faces, those who spurn tales of suffering. They were making me sad and miserable, they were not helping me.

And that was when my healing began.

Though they meant well, but sometimes their words and countenance does more harm than good. Their expressions, the pity, sometimes only bring despair.

If I could lessen someone's woe, it would comfort my soul.

I remember when I first got to the ward and some friends came to visit me. I just opened my eyes and saw them. I looked at their faces, so sad, some had tears in their eyes.

And I just started crying. I had no idea why I just felt the need to cry. I felt I looked so pitiful, that all was over for me. I felt my family must be lying to me that I was worse than they said.

As soon as they left I asked my elder sister for a mirror. I wanted to see my face. My face was unscathed, and so was my head.

So I learnt to select my visitors I know those who made me feel hopeful and I was always looking forward to their visits.

I eliminated the pity party and those who felt it was not a big deal even though they were standing on their two legs.

I am not sure if to praise the cleaner or not because her actions finally made me stronger. However, they still haunt me and make me doubt when I’m alone.

Healing does not work well with doubts. It needs confidence, courage and strength which they would take away from you if you let them.

The ones you need are those who make you smile through your pain and make you hopeful even when there is no reason to be.

Those who weep with you in the pain, and remind you to smile to get more strength to cry again.

Those who walk with you and beside you through it all, who tell you your problem is big but you can rise above it.

They are the ones who remind you your determination could surpass your illness, challenges, trials and whatever situation you might find yourself.

How I Met The Love Of My Life

Let me tell you a story of how I met the love of my life. I have always wondered what this would feel like or what he would be like when I finally meet him.

Someone I can look at and call the love of my life.

Sometimes I would wonder if he has to be someone I love or someone who loves me. I don’t know how it works. But if I have to wonder or ask it only means I have not met or seen him. Right?

I never gave up on love, though. I kept trying, hoping and never stopped looking. Then I met someone, found him or he found me.

I’ve known him for a very long time but I never see the possibility. I have no idea if I was shortsighted then or perfectly fine.

He came back after my accident, and to say I was happy would be an understatement. I was only love could survive that long.

I was grateful. He came back, that was more than enough for me. And he was saying all the right things, all I needed to hear.

I felt on top of the world, blessed, proud; someone could love me that much after all the damages my body has passed through.

It was a time I wasn’t feeling anything like my old self. Crazy or on the edge was what I would describe myself as. So, yes I needed someone or so I thought.

I wanted to give him the world. He had given me everything so I promised in my heart I’d give him all.

I’m in love with myself.

But I was wrong

He was wrong. He was only doing me a huge favour, so he said. And he came to settle an old grudge. That, I came to understand.

So, I fell harder than when I had a disagreement with the truck. I swear I could hear my heart pop as it burst.

If you don’t love yourself you’ll always be chasing after people who don’t love you either.

Then I saw and heard more, those things that have always been there but I was too stupid to accept.

Life suddenly became too hot and suffocating. But I can’t afford depression or worse, there are people who need me to live.

So, instead I sat down and counselled myself. What would God think of me especially with the way I’m living the second chance He gave me? Why am I doing this to myself?

My answer? Because I don’t love myself. I don’t appreciate me and see me for who I am. I had stopped loving me, my body; I didn’t appreciate my strength, courage, triumph, intelligence and my life.

My body had been through so much. Permanent injuries, depression, PTSD, anxiety; I survived them all without drugs or therapy

My body and mind had been broken, shattered, yet I managed to keep the pieces from flooding out. I am bloody but unbowed.

If I had loved myself, then I would know not to feel the need to be grateful someone looked at me. I would realise someone should be blessed to have me.

Work on being in love with the person in the mirror who has been through so much but is still standing.

I have had the pleasure of meeting myself and I love what I have seen; what I see. That was when I realised the love of my life has been beside me all along. Me!

I never knew falling in love with yourself could heal a broken heart. I am in love with myself and it is the best feeling ever.


To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance

Oscar Wilde

When you love yourself, there is this feeling of satisfaction, fulfilment, joy and peace that surrounds you.

Self love is not selfish; you cannot truly love another until you know how to love yourself.

It is Valentine, season of love, give yourself some. You deserve it and long overdue. Go to the SPA, fix your nails, get a new hairdo, buy yourself expensive gifts even before you get for your partner if you have one.

If you are single, you deserve it even more. Take yourself out, treat yourself to dinner. Because you know what, it takes a lot of courage and strength to be single.

Fall in love with who you are, appreciate who you were and celebrate who you are going to be. Because you have to live with yourself for as long as you live no matter who you end up with.

You can’t pour from an empty cup, take care of yourself first.

Let the romance begin with you.

Appreciate The Little Things

Appreciate the little things in life, take note of them, they make life meaningful. Sometimes, they usually appear so trivial that they are easily overlooked.

It is the little things that matter most. Although they come with ease, without effort, so much that we don’t give them much thought or appreciate them until they are no longer there.

We hardly give any attention to a sneeze or a yawn until it becomes a burden like when we have a cold or coming down with a virus.

No one thinks so much of a little thing like blinking until you have a peck in your eye or a boil on your eyelid.

These little things are so natural to us that we don’t think they’re worth attaching any importance to.

We don’t take time to appreciate sitting, getting up, passing a gas, sneezing, smiling or even a good morning from a friendly neighbour.

I learnt to appreciate some of these things when I had to be on bed for a while. I had to learn to get off the bed, to sit by myself.

The first time I sat for a whole five seconds, it felt as if I sat for a decade. I was shivering and sweating as if I was carrying a load of sand.

I got the chance to learn to walk a second time. I learnt to rise from sitting position. I couldn’t squat, I still can’t. I learnt to climb the stairs all over again. I still do that like a two year old by the way.

The funniest ones were learning to know to hold the pee and poo all over again. There was a time they had to wait and even pray that I passed gas.

I remember thinking how passing gas of all things could be so scarce or hard to call up. Those were the hardest.

And sneezing, that was after one of my surgeries. I wouldn’t stop sneezing and the doctors were scared it might rip my stitches. My sister would have to hold my sides and press on the surgery side every time I sneezed.

The first time I was able to sit and turn around to look outside the window. It was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. I watched for just a minute and it left me happier than I had been in a long time.

My only view at the time was the white ceiling, the lady on my left and the woman on the right side.

We don’t think so much of these little things. We only realise they were there when we can’t do them, like swallowing your saliva when you have sore throat. We don’t realise how many times we swallow till then.

Appreciate the little things when you still have them. Whenever I am in the shower and I feel the cold water on my hot or tired body, I’d mutter a “thank you for the gift of water.” I spent months without bathing. Whenever I crave it, I would comfort myself by imagining it.

Appreciate the little things

We should appreciate them all when we can. The little moment when we set eyes on our loved ones and we exchange small smiles, a baby’s smile or chuckle, a neighbours wave, partners nags, the small fights. We would surely miss them when they’re gone.

When you pull aside the curtains in the morning or when you step out and you’re gifted with beautiful sun rise. Pause, breathe and appreciate the beautiful sight before rushing on.

Listen to the breeze, look at the sky in the morning, the clouds, the stars at night. Don’t be too busy to live, to see and feel. These are what make life worth living.

Hug your kids a while longer than you used to, breathe in their air around them, hold the smile a while, don’t be in a hurry to rush out. They grow up fast.

Appreciate the little things

Learn to be thankful and grateful for everything. Enjoy and get to know all you have, all you can do, everything and everyone around you. Live, that’s what life is all about.

The things we take for granted are the gravest things to lose.

Olufunke Kolapo

10 Love Poems For You On Valentine

Everyone loves Valentine, it’s all about Love. I’m sure you do too. We get so busy sometimes we forget to appreciate the people in our lives and show them some love.

Even though you are still recovering from the biggest shopping holiday of the year, you’re already wondering how to make your loved ones happy this Valentine.

This is why I have compiled these Love poems for you to celebrate your love. You can put them in a card as a gift or add them to your surprise package.

I wrote this love poem in 2012

Like the warmth of the morning sun
So do thoughts of you embrace me
Revealing how alive I am

A glorious light of a new day
So is your presence in my life
Relieving it of its shadow
Marking the start of a new beginning.
10 Love Poems For You On Valentine.
You ignite my heart
Like the ray of sunshine
After the morning drizzle
If I could reach far enough
I would melt into you
Like droplets in the river
Till we know not where you end
Or I begin
Like Droplets
Time froze
Breath ceased
Hearts stopped
And stilled
When your lips
Grazed mine

This one is for the Little Angels.

Cute as a button
Soft as cotton
On my lonesome nights
You shine like a beacon
the color of love
is you and I
a perfect symphony
of sound
falling endlessly
like rain sprinkling
a piece of forever
silently etched
into the capsule
of time
black blue sky
wrapped in
sexy, secret darkness
In dream awake ~
to your wildest fantasies
You brought me sunshine
Where I only see rain
You brought me laughter
Where I only see pain
You brighten my sky
Like thousands of rainbow
On a cloudless rainless day
My ribbon of wishes
Bring my dreams alive
Wear me on your heart
Remember me
On your darkest night
Like the sky would
The tiniest star

“I Believe In Me,” Say It Until You Believe

I believe in me. Think it, mutter it, say it to yourself every day, over and over again until you believe it, and start living it.

The worst thing that can happen to you is to lose faith in yourself.
Don’t ever lose faith in you, in your abilities, your purpose, your goals, don’t lose faith in your dreams. They make you, YOU. Believe in you, You are all you’ve got.

For a while, I lost faith in myself, in everything I stood for, my principles, my belief, my hobbies, even in myself as a woman.

I could no longer see any good in all I’ve ever done, in my way of living. I would ask myself what I’d ever gained or benefited in doing things the way I used to.

Everything I had ever done, I started questioning them. I no longer believed in my judgment or wisdom.

So, I decided to change my ways, I started doing things in the exact opposite of what I used to believe to be right. I thought if I were so right before, I wouldn’t end up here now.

When I was done slaughtering everything I once stood for I was left with nothing but doubts, guilts, regrets, low self esteem and depression.

I became so insufficient and needy that I couldn’t decide the right cloth to wear without consulting someone else if it is appropriate for me.

I would ask over and over again to be sure I was doing the right thing. I became so fearful of making choices for myself because I no longer believed in me. That I am capable of being myself.

I started stumbling through life, looking up to someone else for guidance, for approval, doing only the things that would make them happy and accepting.

I would in turn take whatever I get because I have made myself believe, it was what I deserved or I should be grateful to even get what’s offered.

When you lose faith in yourself and no longer believe in your potentials and purpose, you have lost everything that makes you, you. You have lost yourself.

However, you cannot afford to lose faith in yourself. Do not doubt who you were because you can’t do anything about the past, or who you are, because you need it, that is, the present, to focus on who you are going to be.

You have come this far, believe you have the strength it takes to see it through, and you will.

“I believe in me.” Say it again, and again, then go out there and be the best you are meant to be.

Where Do Our Dreams Go?

Where do our dreams go? Who knows? I wrote this poem in 2016 when I was feeling reflective about life generally, especially when we were younger.

We dream, we set goals, we make plans. But do our dreams always become real?

It was easier when we were younger. It was easier to just dream, make plans and set goals with our peers or alone. It was my escape when I was younger.

I would pretend to be asleep and just think of a life better than the one I had then. The kind of life I would have when I grow up. My dreams.

Where Do Our Dreams Go?

I had a lot of dreams while growing up. I wanted to be so many things. I am not any of the things I dreamt I wanted to be now.

I can’t but wonder if the plans and dreams we have for our lives don’t matter at all. If life just dish out what it desires to us not minding what we want.

Where Do Our Dreams Go? I had dreamt
Life would be all sweet and colourful
A little challenge here, a little grief there
They keep the journey real and meaningful
I had prepared to be strong
Rise above all hurdles
Ignore all hassles
Who knows what happened to that dream?
‘Cos it’s farther than it seems
So far I can’t catch a glimpse

I’ve never really been happy
Not as I dreamt
I’ve had more grief than joy
Not what I saw
I’ve not attained all I’d imagined
Not as I thought
All I desire is a life so simple
Maybe not as simple as it sounds
All I have is not as I dreamt
All I am is not as I thought
Now, I’m dreaming I might deserve
Nothing more than I am
Only I’ve got more than I deserve

Who knows what happened to my dreams?
I wonder where our dreams go

10 Things I’m Thankful for This Year

I am thankful for this year, it has been a very challenging one. Although, sometimes it is difficult to see the good things in our lives when we have had to deal with so many unfortunate events. But one lesson I have learnt is, bad times make us prayerful and hopeful for good days.

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The following are some of the reasons I am thankful for this year, see if there is anything you can relate to.

  • I am thankful to God for the gift of life, His mercies, favour, blessings, and comfort. He has always been my best friend and comfort. Without Him I am nothing; without Him i wouldn’t be here. I am alive because He wanted me to be. I owe Him all I am, my whole life.
  • I am thankful for my son. He is my hero. I call him my Token for good. Before I had him, my Mai prayer was for God to give me a token for good. I felt He owed me that much after everything I had been through. And He gave him to me. Whenever I want to give up, he’s always saving me. He gave me something to live for.
  • I am thankful for family. I thank God for my parents and my siblings. They are the best anyone could ask for. They are always there for me even at my worst moments, when I was mean to them they remained glued to my side, never complain or get tired. They saw me through the crazy moments. After I had my baby, I was overwhelmed, drowning, they were my lifeline.
  • I am thankful for my friends. I have been blessed with good people, thoughtful, selfless friends who think farther than I do. Your words of comfort, encouragement, prayers, tolerance, and assistance even when I’m too shy to ask for help make life easier than I could ever hope or wish for. Thank you all for being my Angels on earth.
  • I am thankful for my emotions. They were intense, suffocating, frustrating, and choking. I was determined to get better, make things work and maintain normalcy. There are days i wished someone would take things off my hands, fix them, get rid of them or just hold onto them for a while. I turned to God for help, He taught me to ask Him for peace. And helped me to see these emotions are a bigger part of me. They have helped me to rediscover myself. They reminded me of how strong I am and how stronger i can be. Although, there are times even I wonder if I’m losing it. I started asking myself who I was be for all these. But my emotions, though intense have reminded me that they are part of me and I control them.

  • I am thankful for my job this year more than I have ever be. I looked back and realized how God already planned ahead to make sure I never lack. If I hadn’t got it then, I wonder how I would survive. Who would employ me? I’m thankful He gave me job before my accident to take care of myself and my son.
  • I am thankful for a the lessons I have learned this year, the experiences and all. I learn a lot. I really see myself and appreciate the life I was given back more than ever. After I had accepted my life as it is, I used believe I should be grateful for what I have, whatever I can get and never ask for more. This year opened my eyes to question that decision. I asked myself why i was living the way I was.

Other than that I felt I deserve whatever I happening to me, I couldn’t think of any other reasons. So, i felt ungrateful for how i had been living the second chance God gave me. He saved me because He knew I was worth saving, He knew I could be more, do more. This year reminds me I wasn’t living up to His expectations. So, I am thankful for the eye opener.

  • I am thankful for the gift of fresh air and water. These two natural blessings are the best medicine for me. I breathe in and out when I’m gripped with fear and anxiety or enraged with anger. I run a cold bathe when I can’t sleep. I pour cold water on my right foot to calm the itch and throbbing on my missing left foot.
  • I am thankful for cell phones and the internet. They might seem evil but they have lots of good. Because of them I have been able to so things I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish otherwise. I made good good friends, I found love and I can remain connected to the people I love.
  • I am thankful that I am thankful. Sometimes, we feel we have no reason to be thankful. It is easy to become overwhelmed and distressed with all the troubles we have to deal with. It takes grace and strength to see beyond our present sufferings and be hopeful for brighter days or be thankful do the things we have and the ones we can still have. Be thankful for the strength to be thankful.

Look back and within and comment with the things you are thankful for while you look forward to the ones you will receive next year.

Happy new year in advance, folks. Wishing you a joyous 2020.

How To Look Back With Gratitude

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My challenges in life have taught me a number of things like gratitude. I learnt to look back at all the difficulties and obstacles I have overcome and receive the strength to keep going.

Kierk Gaard said, Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forward.

Like a baby, I was sensitive to people’s emotions during my convalescence at the hospital.

Those who came with tears filled eyes made me feel I was worse than I felt, while those with long faces made me silently wish I were dead.

On my third day in the ward, I demanded for a mirror because I thought they had lied to me about my face and head. But when I looked in the mirror there was no scratch.

Nevertheless, there was one countenance I couldn’t understand, the faraway gaze of some elderly visitors. They seemed to be staring at my face but they weren’t; and sometimes they would be gaping so long into some spot above my head. It was disturbing. I couldn’t fathom their unspoken words then.

Now, I do.

What I couldn’t see then or didn’t want to see, they could perceive. They weren’t thinking about my present agony because they knew it would pass.

They were taking a peek into my future, a life filled with disappointments, solitude, hardship, despair, resentment, betrayal, and misery. All I had lost forever, all I would lose and the acceptance of the uncanny truth that life would never be the same again.

The day I left the hospital after four months was the biggest day of my life. I had yearned to see my home again. I longed to be in my bed after several nights in the hospital. I was finally getting a break from the choking routines. Though, the doctors said I had to be readmitted in three weeks, I didn’t mind, no turning back.

However, on my first night home, I wanted to run back to the hospital. My bed was too soft. There were no rails on the sides to grip onto for support. There was no chain to grasp to get up. It was frustrating, I couldn’t get up by myself. I didn’t know it was easier because of the gadgets attached to the beds at the hospital.

I should have known it was not over when on our way home I couldn’t open my eyes. I was gripping the car seats like a lifeline. I screamed when a truck took a turn ahead, almost facing our car. My mother held my hand and kept telling me it would be fine, we would soon be home.

But I was not fine, not for a very long time. And I never made it home. I was frozen in time on the street that sunny day where my journey began. It was then I understood the distant stares of my elderly visitors.

Since then, every day is a new day for me. Each day a different way of living it, of doing things, a brand new experience. So I learnt not to live them before they arrive because they fill me with dread and anxiousness of what else life has in stock for me.

I found new ways of doing old things. I found strength and pride in my yesterday accomplishments. They gave me the courage and determination to face tomorrow, to never give up, and to never stop believing.

My journey so far has taught me to look back once in a while to see how far I have come. If you are always looking ahead like an athlete, you only see how far you have to go and all you need to overcome.

But a glance backward once in a while buoys the spirit, ignites the heart and reminds you why you are on that road in the first place, not how you get to the end of the road.

It fills you with pride of all you have accomplished and reminds you why you cant give up. Most importantly it fills your heart with praises for all you have, all you had and to look forward to all you can have.

After my accident, I had nothing to look forward to. The future was cloaked in a fog of vagueness, terror and uncertainty. All I could see was pain, sleepless nights, pity and sympathy. A future that has no relationship with my past, where my past is severed from my present.

Where I would always have to compensate for my lost, make up for it, explain and defend it. It was scary and infuriating.

All I had was the present, where I could trip and fall, where I could barely move unaided, endless therapy, shamelessly depending on others, something totally different from who I used to be.

I didn’t want to peek or think. I started with the present, taking it one step at a time, not thinking about the future; one day after the other.

From it, I built a new past, recording my recoveries and progresses. And each time I got to a point of despair, I would look back to see how far I had come and what a waste it would be to throw it away. I would remind myself how I didn’t give up when my wounds were fresh, when I couldn’t sit, when I couldn’t walk. All the times I fell, got up and kept going.

Looking forward demands more prayers for the will, the strength and courage to keep moving. Looking back is appreciating the Lord for His goodness. It opens doors for more blessings and gives meaning to life. It fuels and propels the spirit to harbour; looking forward keeps living the life.

Thinking back fills my heart with praises and gratitude; I am not where I was yesterday, and if I am here today, I would be somewhere farther tomorrow. I am looking back with gratitude.

The Amputee’s Prayer

What would an amputee pray about? What would be their major prayer requests?

A new leg? That the limb or limbs would miraculously grow back? I don’t know what it was supposed to be. But I do know I have never said a prayer for a new leg before.

My niece was reading the story of the Shunamite woman of 2Kings Chapter 4 to me few days ago. It was the story of the woman who took pity on Elisha the prophet and made a chamber for him in their house, so he could rest whenever he comes around.

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Elisha in turn asked what could be done for her for her generosity. So he prophesied to her that by the following season she would embrace a son. And it was so.

Then the child died.

The prophet sent his servant Gehazi to lay his staff on the child’s face, but the Shunamite woman refused. She would not leave unless the man of God came with her.

The woman took him to the Prophet’s chamber and laid him on his bed. And then she went in search of the man of God. When she found him, she took hold of his feet and asked why he would give her a child and then take him away.

He did. He went in to the child, prayed to the Lord and did his prophet thing. The child sneezed seven times and opened his eyes.

Before that, there is the story of the poor widow and his two sons whom the man of God saved from her creditors. And after it, there was the account of dearth in Gil-gal and how the man of God made the poisonous pottage safe for the sons of the prophets. He also fed hundred men with twenty loaves of barley.

“There are no more miracles,”my niece said simply at the end of the chapter. They don’t exist anymore like in the Bible. I opened my eyes, looked at her and closed them again, hoping she would close the Bible and say the morning prayer.

They don’t happen anymore, even when you believe they would. I sighed, I could feel my hope dissipating in the heat.

I prayed for you. I pray for you every day but God didn’t answer my prayer. I opened my eyes again and stared at the ceiling. I watched as my hope that she would let go of the dearth and death of miracle ascended into it.

I didn’t have to ask what the prayer was. I knew it. And then I wondered why I never asked for it myself.

Maybe my faith was not strong enough. Maybe I don’t believe it was possible. Or I was just contented with walking unaided with my legs in my dreams. I don’t know that too. But one thing was sure; I have to give the young lady an answer.

She must have been troubled about this for a while. Wondering so much why the Lord who did all the wonderful things she had read about has refused to answer her prayer.

So, I told her a story about how God answered my prayer.

I told her of the biggest miracle that lives with her everyday, me. That I am alive, breathing, walking is a miracle that God still answers prayer.

Everybody on the road that day thought I was dead. So they left me to pursue the driver. Nobody wanted to come close, nobody cared about the dead girl until the Lord sent someone who was not there when it happened.

He was there by chance. He was in trouble because of the woman who forgot her bag in his cab, so he was was going to the police station.

He became curious about the dead girl and wanted to see. And just then I moved. He took me to the hospital. He told me how the traffic was controlled by a man in white riding a motorcycle. He disappeared as soon as we got to the gate of the hospital

The doctors didn’t know I would make it. I did. They didn’t know why I made it. They called me Strong Woman and Our VIP Patient.

If that was not a miracle, I don’t know what it is.

I had prayed for so many things. And some of those prayers were answered. I have cried for a lot of things as well but not for the leg to grow back.
Instead, I prayed for the strength, courage and the grace to live this life. You need a lot of that as an amputee.

I asked to be able to bear the pain, to smile through it. I asked to never be hungry or lack anything good. That the Lord would bless me with all I need to sustain my new life. That I would never have any reason to cry again. I asked Him to take care of my family, my love ones, that I wouldn’t have to run because of them, as He knows that I cant run.

I asked that whenever they need me but I cant be there, He stands in my place. I told Him, since He has taken my leg, He would have to be my legs and go all the place I wouldn’t be able to go. He would walk it for me and with me.

He heard my prayer and answered.

The Amputee’s Prayer.

Sometimes, when I wonder how I’m able to bear it. I remember I had asked Him to give me the grace to.
A man once asked me after staring at me for a very uncomfortable several minutes. How do you endure it? I really can’t imagine, how you cope, your daily activities, work, everything?

I said, You find new ways of doing old things. It seems uncomfortable or strange at first, and then it becomes you.

“But what about the ones you cant do, what about in the future?”
I take it one day at a time. I leave the next day and the next step to Him. He handles them.

He takes care of me today and prepares me for tomorrow. Whatever it brings He is there to guide and walk me through it.

Those are my prayers every day.

There are miracles everywhere, everyday, I explained to her further. Sleeping yesterday and waking up this morning is a miracle. You are always scared of the ants, but none of them has crawled into your nose while you are sleeping yet.

Walking, living, travelling here and there, even eating, they are all miracles.
We only sometimes think our prayers are not answered because we didn’t get what we thought we needed.

Zozibini Tunzi – A Proud Advocate For Natural Beauty

Zozibini, the first black woman to win Miss Universe Pageant since Leila in 2011. She redefines black is beautiful at the 68th Installment of the Global Beauty Pageant with her short, natural hair.

She was crowned Miss South Africa in 2019. She beat Puerto Rico’s Madison Anderson and Mexico’s Sofia Aragon in the final three to take the Tiara.

Zozibini is Beauty Crowned with brain as she actually won the pageant with her intelligence.

She said,

Zozibini Tunzi Miss Universe 2019

Tonight a door was opened and I could not be more grateful to have been the one to have walked through it. May every little girl who witnessed this moment forever believe in the power of her dreams and may they see their faces in mine.

Zozibini’s words summarised all that every woman and every African girl child need to keep believing in themselves and the power of their dreams.

To every African woman and girls, I say you are beautiful and intelligent. You matter, you deserve the best.

Go get your crown!